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Why Builders & Homeowners Love CompositeWarehouse Composite Decking Boards

Composite decking has come a long way since its makers developed it to replace wood decking. There are different types and brands of decking materials available in the market. All decking materials come with their warranty and other benefits that make them unique. One such decking material is natural wood. Another is PVC. A Composite Deck is arguably the best material available that you can use to build decking. We mentioned earlier that there are different brands of composite decking being sold by different makers. CompositeWarehouse UK is one composite decking board seller. They have all range of composite deck. Also, our WPC comes in several decking ranges of colours. Homeowners and builders alike love our WPC boards. There are several reasons homeowners prefer all our WPC products over other brands.

Features and Benefits of Our Composite Decking

Low Maintenance Deck Boards

Maintenance requirements are things every decking owners consider before they purchase a material. All our decking boards fair well when you consider it low maintenance benefits. Low maintenance is one reason homeowners love all our composite deck boards. The benefits of composite low maintenance are that you won’t have to waste your precious moment and your cash taking care of your composite boards.

Also, low maintenance composite decking means that you won’t have to do the backbreaking task of cleaning your decking boards over and over again. Our composite decking is not like wooden decking that requires and elaborate maintenance. It has stain resistance property which makes it resist stain. So, staining our products will be difficult. When you install CompositeWarehouse UK composite products, you will save the cash you will have spent purchasing stain or paint. With our low maintenance plastic composite, you will spend your time enjoying your patio rather than taking care of it.


Homeowners and builders alike have rated the durability of our composite decking boards high. What durability means about decking materials is the ability of decking products to withstand pressure from external elements. When you compare our large range of composite decking with wooden decking, you will understand why homeowners rated our material high.

To start with, our decking composite is unlike hardwood decking that requires chemicals for it to last long. When you use wood decking for a long time, it will gradually lose its strength and become less durable. Our composite plastic decking will successfully resist, splinter, rot, mould, algae, mother nature elements, mildew, and any other elements that play on it to damage it. This makes our composite deck the best material for your outdoor space. None of our composite material will break.

Easy to Install Deck Boards

Another reason homeowners and builders love our composite decking and accessory like corner trim is that they find them easy to install. When you are about to install our decking composite, you will discover that it is different from lumber. This is as a result of several factors such as the shape, length, or design of the WPC boards. You don’t need special tools when you want to install our long length composite deck boards and the accompanying corner trim.

Easy to Cut Deck Boards

This is another reason why homeowners and builders love and prefer our composite decking boards. When you are installing our deck boards, you will discover that with the normal saw you can cut the boards into any length at any spot that you want. You don’t need a special saw blade to cut our composite decking to length. This implies that installing our composite decking boards length by yourself is stress-free.

Aside from that, Compositewarehouse UK will give you a manual that guides you or instruct you on what to do after you purchase their composite decking board. With our installation guide, you will know how to handle your wood plastic composite decking. Their instructional guide will instruct you on how to store composite boards length so that they will not get damaged.

Easy Clean Composite Decking Boards

Another benefit of CompositeWarehouse UK composite decking board is that it is easy to clean. What easy clean means is that when you are maintaining your composite decking, you don’t have to stress yourself scrubbing and scrubbing the length until you are tired. When you compare all our deck boards with wood decking, you will realise the benefits of easy-clean. During the maintenance process, you can remove mud or dirt from the surface texture of your wood plastic composite deck.

Unlike traditional wooden decking that readily absorbs dirt, our quality composite decking ranges have an easy-clean edge. This implies that when you install our composite decking as your garden deck and have lots of foot traffic, you can easily remove mud from the surface.

Oil and Grease Resistant Deck Boards

That composite decking is oil and grease resistant is another reason homeowners and builders love our composite decking. CompositeWarehouse composite decking has an improved surface that has a high stain resistance and well-engineered to absorb little moisture. The benefit of this well-engineered surface is that when a liquid stain like an oil spill on your composite decking boards, you will be able to clean it with little effort. This is another reason CompositeWarehouse decking boards are considered low maintenance composite.

Resistant to Termites

When you install our high-quality composite decking boards on your property, you can be certain that consuming insects like termites will not destroy them. This is another benefit of composite decking. The reason our items are resistant to termite is because of their plastic part. Composite deck boards are not like wood decking that has only wood fibre as its material composition. WPC decking contains lumber and plastic mixed to form the composite board. Polyethene is not food for termites, so that is why insects like termites cannot devour our composite products.

Slip Resistant Surface

Our large range of composite boards is the best material for your backyard. Any decking project that you build with our composite decking boards will be good because you will be assured that you will remain standing even when the decking is wet. This is because of the slip-resistant silver birch surface of our composite decking. Slip-resistant means that you won’t fall when you walk on it.

Our composite decking boards are slip-resistant silver birch because of their well-engineered surfaces with tiny lines that cause friction for your foot. Also, all other grades of composite decking have a wood grain surface that is coarse and provide friction. Also, our slip-resistant decking boards have an easy-clean edge.

Wood Grain Surface

CompositeWarehouse WPC decking boards have a wood grain surface. The advantages of grain are many. First, it makes our composite decking an attractive material fit for any home outdoor. Another benefit of wood grain surface finish is that it makes our decking boards look like lumber.

Homeowners love wood because it had been used for a long time before WPC silver birch decking was developed. Wood decking has its disadvantages that make them be replaced. But homeowners want a deck that will replace wood and still looks like it. Woodgrain composite decking saves the day because it looks just like traditional wooden material, and it is better than wood.

Composite Decking Appearance

Homeowners love our composite decking because of its beautiful appearance. Our composite boards come in a large range of colours that make them beautiful. This range of colours includes oak, dark oak, light oak, dark brown, light brown, dark grey, light grey colours, anthracite grey colours, oak, and real wood look. One interesting thing about our WPC decking colours is that they are long-lasting.

Long-lasting means that our composite decking will not fade when you install it under the sun. This makes our WPC decking a high-quality material. Also, the colour scheme of our composite decking makes it difficult for it to fade.

Eco-Friendly Deck Boards

CompositeWarehouse composite boards are eco-friendly because they contain recycled lumber and plastic. The high-quality product formed as a result of processing the timber and plastic is a durable material. Unlike wooden decking that requires the falling of a tree, using composite decking help save the environment. There is no need to use real natural wood when making composite boards.

Real certified wood will degrade quickly when you use it for a long time because it is not quality material. So, our environmentally friendly deck will ensure that recycled products are not thrown away. Another reason our composite decking is environmentally friendly is that you can dispose of the panels when they are old. Also, our environmentally friendly WPC will not pollute the surface like PVC. These are the reasons homeowners love our environmentally friendly composite decking.

Best Garden Decking

Our composite panels are one of the best garden deck that you can use to make a contemporary garden. Using our products to build a deck in your garden will ensure that your patio will last longer than other types. Unlike natural wood that is easily attacked by insects like termites, composite decking ranges will fit in any garden and last longer than timber boards.

Year warranty of Our Composite Decking

Composite plastic decking boards come with an over 10-year warranty which is more than that of timber decking. The year warranty for our decking depends on the grade that you purchase. Our timeless collections of the decks will last for 25-year. This 25 year covers the colour and the boards. When you install our decking boards properly, you will be able to use them for more than 25 years.

Long Life Span

Our essential collections of decking ranges will have a year warranty for 10-year due to the bonding agents used. What 10 year means is that you will use your decking all through this 10 year and it will not be damaged if you install it properly. This shows that our high-quality composite products have a long year warranty 0f 25-year and 10-year when you compare them with wooden decking. All our composite products have a longer life span, and the life span means that you will use them for a long time while maintaining good colour stability.

Resistant to Weather

Our composite decking is resistant to elements of weather. This is one reason our composite products have a longer year warranty than lumber. When you install our boards in the open space, rain or heat will not damage them. Our composite products will stand against any pressure that moisture or changing temperature placed on it. This implies that our composite products will not warp or break as a result of heat.

Also, our composite products will not splinter or swell. If the temperature changes, our high-quality composite products will expand without breaking. Unlike wood fibres decking that easily cracks or break, our composite products shape will not be distorted when you install it in outdoor space. That our composite products will stand against elements of weather increases its year warranty. And as you know, a longer year warranty means that you will enjoy your deck boards for a long time.

Residential Warranty of Deck Boards

Another reason our composite decking is the best material you should use for your garden is because of its longer residential warranty of 10 year or 25 years. A residential warranty means that you can install our composite products in your home. Also, our composite products are safe for use at home because of their residential warranty.

When installing our high-quality patio in large or small residential areas, you should follow our installation guidelines to increase the year warranty. Ensure that you leave a 5 mm space between the boards because of expansion. Also, you should ensure that the cross-section of your joists should not be too much. If you don’t, you will reduce the year warranty for our products. So, homeowners and builders use a decking composite product because of its longer residential warranty and year warranty.

Lightweight Composite Deck

CompositeWarehouse deck boards are lightweight and easy to lift. This simply implies that you can install our products with ease because you can carry them between areas. Our products are made of light material that will not add extra weight when you stand on your patio. If you want a board that you can carry effortlessly, you should look for a good one like CompositeWarehouse product.

No Painting or Staining Required

Another reason homeowners love CompositeWarehouse WPC is that you don’t have to give it a second layer of stain or paint after installing it. Also, you don’t have to sand your board during maintenance. Timber decking owners usually sand their timber before they paint or stain it to ensure that the top is smooth. When the top of the timber patio is smooth, they will then paint or stain it as part of the maintenance process.

When you purchase CompositeWarehouse product, you will enjoy your decking for a long time with less maintenance, and you will still retain the attractive surface look. This is another reason CompositeWarehouse product is an easy-clean edge. Also, unlike timber that will not last, not painting composite product will not affect the year warranty.

Fade Resistant Composite Decking

Another reason homeowners and builder love our products is that they are fade-resistant, in other words, the colour fade is low. During the process of making our products, we give them a heavy coat of pigment. This heavy coat of surface pigment helps to adjust the colour of your decking to the environment.

Then the pigment will become stable, and it will last long. Our large range of colours will not fade quickly because of this extra coating. Also, our easy-clean edge deck will last longer than timber and PVC. When stain gets to the surface of your deck, it will not affect the colour. Aside from that, you can remove stain effortlessly.

Family Friendly Composite Deck

Another reason homeowners and builders love our composite decking is because it is family-friendly. When you install our composite decking in your back garden, you and your family can have your fun time on the patio. This implies that you can party on your patio without fearing that it will break.

No Swelling WPC Deck Material

Aside from the fact that CompositeWarehouse product has an easy-clean edge, it will not swell when it comes in contact with moisture. This is because the surface of our patio product has a polyethene coating that prevents it from taking too much moisture.

No Sealing Required

When you purchase and install CompositeWarehouse composite decking, you will realise that there is no need to seal the top. Sealing is done to prevent moisture from entering or infiltrating the composite boards. If you are to seal timber, you will purchase a stain for the task. But if you install CompositeWarehouse board, you will save cash and time because it does not require sealing. This will improve the look of your boards.

Capped Decking Surface

Our product has an advance capped surface that prevents moisture and inhibits mould and mildew growth. This extra capped surface makes the colour of your WPC decking not fade quickly. All our range of WPC decking has a capped top that will ensure that it lasts long.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Is Composite Decking Slippery?

Composite decking is not slippery like lumber or wood decking. Our WPC has a non-slip surface that keeps you standing when the surface is wet. Your children and friends can walk or play on your decking, and they will be safe.

How Much Is Composite Decking vs Wood?

Composite decking cost more than wood. But this is not a disadvantage because composite will last longer than lumber. Our composite boards can cost £20 to £25 per board. Lumber costs far lesser than that.

Is Composite Decking Really Worth It?

Composite decking is worth every penny that you spend on it. It is long-lasting, easy to maintain, splint resistant, durable, and has attractive surface pigment.

Other facts About Composite Materials

Without a doubt, for your outdoor flooring project, especially for decking solutions, Composite Warehouse can help with quality materials to make your decking area great, with unbeatable affordability in price. Unlike wood, composite materials are anti-slip. We hear many in the flooring industry talk about other materials being anti-slip. However, that cannot be compared to the type of slip-resistant material used to cover composite plastic material. It has a stroke width, it does not rot, warp or splinter has less maintenance, and it comes with more than a 10-year guarantee.

Hyperion decking is a kind of composite material that contains not just wood and plastic. The composition of Hyperion decking is 60% wood, 30% polyethene, and 10% additives to bond it and enhance its colour.


Homeowners and builders alike love the experience they have with CompositeWarehouse Composite decking because it is durable, fade-resistant, aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, and easy to install.

Do you need help in selecting the right composite decking for a better decking solution? If you are in doubt of the kind of composite decking that you need, you can browse our product category and order your sample pack of our composite decking to see the quality for yourself. All our range of composite decking are quality material, and as good quality, they will last long.

You can visit our CompositeWarehouse UK website to order your sample. Also, you can enquire on the CompositeWarehouse website for more information. Our team of composite decking experts will be ready to support you when you reach them via the website. Contact us at CompositeWarehouse UK, and we will look to any inquiries that you make. CompositeWarehouse delivery is fast when you order. Our delivery system is one of the best in the UK. So, be assured that our delivery will arrive on time.

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