There is no gain hiding the fact that composite decking initial cost is high. It is because the upfront cost of composite wood decking is more than wood. Homeowners are wondering if plastic wood decking is the best outdoor flooring solution because of the upfront price. If you want to floor your yard with a good flooring material, composite decking is the right choice. This write-up provides insight and explains 3 reasons composite decking is cost-effective. We will consider wood-plastic decking longevity, maintenance, durability and resistance, and reduce installation cost.

What Is Composite Wood Decking?

Composite decking is a manufactured material developed by engineers to replace timber decking. If you are familiar with timber decking, you will appreciate composite wood decking more. The difference between timber and composite starts with the way they are made. Wood is manufactured from lumber and requires chemical treatment. Plastic wood decking is manufactured from recycled or used wood and plastics. Another difference between wood and plastic wood decking is the appearance. If the way wood and composite are made does not interest you, then their appearance might. Plastic wood decking is more attractive than wood. 

Why Composite Decking Is Cost-Effective

  1. Easy Installation

We mentioned before that composite decking is manufactured in a factory from wood and plastic. As a synthetic material, engineers can control the appearance and shape of the boards to eliminate common defects of wood. Timber boards can have knots, bends or other imperfections that make straightening them difficult. But composite decking boards are straight, and you can lay them flat when installing them. The consistency of design in composite boards makes working with several boards during installation easier and more cost-effective.

 A decking installer will spend less time fixing your composite boards to the joists. Less installation time means reduced installation cost. Aside from that, composite wood boards are easy to work with. With a saw, the installer can cut the boards effortlessly.  Also, composite wood boards are lightweight. Being lightweight makes plastic wood decking boards easy to carry when you are installing them. This will reduce plastic wood decking installation time and stress.

  1. Longevity of Composite Decking

Longevity of another reason composite decking is cost-effective. Most composite boards will last for about 25 years or longer. Wood boards will last for 10 years or less. This shows that composite wood decking lifespan is twice that of timber decking. Plastic wood checking appears to be more expensive than timber at first, but when you consider that it will outlive the best wood decking, you will realise it is cost-effective. Let’s make a quick example. 

Let’s suppose you spent £2000 to install timber decking in your yard. Composite decking might cost £3000 to install a yard of the same size. Since composite decking will last for 25 years, then it means that £3000 will cover 25 years. But wood decking will last for only 10 years. If you are to reinstall wood for another 10 years, you will spend £4000 for 20 years. Remaining 5 years to reach composite decking lifespan. This means that for 25 years, you will spend £3000 on composite decking and £4000 on wood decking. This shows that composite checking is cost-effective in the long term. 

  1. Easy Maintenance 

You can maintain composite decking boards easily. This makes plastic wood decking cost-effective than timber decking. It is because you will spend less to take care of your wood-plastic decking than you will to take care of timber. Timber decking owners must do general and thorough maintenance of their decking at least once a year. This general maintenance involves cleaning, sealing, sanding, and painting or staining. Also, wood decking general maintenance can involve scrubbing with a brush to make the top clean.

cost-effective decking

 Composite wood decking maintenance does not involve all those. Since composite decking was designed to last longer, you don’t have to sand and paint the decking. Also, sealing plastic wood decking is not required because its surface is plastic coated. This implies that you will spend less to maintain your wood-plastic composite. To make the surface of your wood-plastic composite clean, you only have to use a cloth or sweep or spray with a hose. But timber decking requires much more than that, and you must purchase paint, stain and sealer.


The 3 reasons composite decking is cost-effective are easy installation with simple tools and less stress, and work hour. Long lifespan of the decking boards and easy maintenance of the decking surface.

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