Installing a decking in your outdoor space is one way you can add value to it. But to increase the worth of your outdoor space and home, you have to use the right decking material. There are several decking you can find in the market. Composite decking is one of them. Another is wood decking for outdoor flooring. Composite decking is relatively new in the decking world, while wood decking is much older. With advanced technology, wood decking is losing its popularity. This write-up explains 3 reasons you should not use wood decking in your yard.

Cost and Ease of Installation

The cost of wood decking is quite different from the amount you will spend to install it. While wood decking is cheaper to purchase, you will spend more to hire an installer to help you install the decking. Wood decking can cost up to £15 per board, making it one of the cheapest decking materials. When you compare the initial price of timber with composite, you will discover that the latter is more expensive than the former. While that is true, installing composite decking is much cheaper than installing wood. As a synthetic material, composite wood decking boards have consistent designs.

 There are no knots or bends present in timber decking in composite decking. Wood decking will bend at one point or the other. Also, the consistency in the shape of composite is not present in the timber. When the decking installer places a bent wood decking on the joists, fixing the board will be difficult. This will bring an increase in the hour a decking installer will spend to install wood decking. Composite decking installation requires a few hours. Note that the longer it takes to install decking, the more the installer will charge. That is one reason you should not use wood decking. Aside from that, cutting composite is much easier than wood. 

Ease of Maintaining Wood Decking

Wood decking is not easy to maintain. Every homeowner that installs wood decking can relate to this. Maintaining wood decking goes beyond cleaning with a cloth or sweeping with a broom, or spraying with a hose. This simple maintenance technique we just mentioned is required by every decking. Wood or timber decking requires painting to restore the appearance. And to paint your wood decking, you will stress yourself aside from spending extra cash. You have to make the top of your wood decking smooth as a preparation for painting or staining. This process of making your wood decking top smooth requires sanding with sandpaper. 

decking not to use

And depending on how large your wood decking is, you will sand and sand and sand until you are tired. After sanding, you must apply the paint, which involves purchasing paint or stain and then applying the content on your decking. This process will cost you money because you have to purchase the paint, and if you can’t do the task yourself, you will spend cash hiring a painter. Wood decking does not have the plastic protection of composite decking. That is the reason you have to seal your wood decking with a sealer which you have to purchase and apply yourself or hire an installer to do the task. As if that is not enough, wood decking needs a good scrubbing to remove stains, mould and other sticky things from the top. 

The Longevity of Wood Decking 

Before you install a decking material, you have to consider how long the decking will last. Timber decking will not last as long as wood-plastic composite. If, for example, you install wood decking, you will enjoy your outdoor timber decking for 10 years. But installing composite decking will guarantee that you will enjoy the decking for 25 years. The longer lifespan of composite decking is another reason you should not install wood.

If homeowner A spent £2000 to install timber decking and homeowner B spent £3000 to install composite decking, it might appear that homeowner A saved cost. But when you contemplate the fact that homeowner B will spend that £3000 for 25. And homeowner A will exhaust his or her £2000 in 10 years, spending £4000 for 20 years, then you will understand why composite decking is better.


Still, thinking of using wood decking? The 3 reasons you should not use wood decking are it is difficult to install, it is expensive to maintain, and it is not cost-effective when you consider the lifespan. The alternative to wood decking is composite decking.

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