If you are looking to spice up your small garden, you can turn to composite materials. Composite, like composite decking, is attractive, and it is the perfect material to make your outdoor space beautiful. Decorating your garden with composite decking comes with skills. This write-up explains 6 composite decking ideas for a small garden.

Composite Decking Ideas for Small a Garden

Small Garden Composite Decking Ideas

  1. Add a Composite Decking to Your Garden

Installing or building composite decking in your garden is one way you can make it beautiful. There are several ways you can add plastic wood decking to your garden. You can create a partition in your garden and add wood-plastic composite decking in a space designated for it. Since you are dealing with a small garden, you have to plan the garden well to save space. One way you can plan your garden is by building each structure in a definite area. If you want composite decking in your garden, you can build the decking in a section of the garden. 

Partitioning your garden will make it well-organised. Adding composite decking to your garden comes with lots of benefits. This is because wood-plastic composite material allows you to enjoy your decking for a long time without spending much to maintain it. Also, composite wood decking is attractive. The great aesthetic of composite wood decking will create the right scenery any beautiful outdoor space should have. 

  1. Design Your Composite Decking

Designing your decking is another composite decking ideas for a small garden. The kind of outdoor decking design that you choose determines how attractive your decking will be. Most homeowners have opted to build a rectangular composite decking in their yard. Others have opted to construct a curved composite decking. If you want something unique in your garden, you should explore curved composite decking. 

A curved plastic wood decking has curved or round sides, and you can shape it in any way. Some homeowners have chosen to combine a curve decking and a rectangular composite decking. Another way you can design your composite decking is to build a raised decking. A raised composite decking can have multiple stairs. This will enable homeowners to raise their plastic wood decking to the level of their home floor plan. 

  1. Build a Flushed Garden Decking

A flushed garden decking is not raised above the ground but is levelled with other parts of your garden. Building a flushed composite decking in your garden will make your composite decking accessible without stairs. This will provide an easy walk in and out of your garden composite decking. This decking decor idea is perfect for a small garden. 

Note that your garden must be properly landscaped and well-drained before you build a flushed composite decking in it. It will prevent water from forming a pool on the surface of your composite decking. Flushed composite decking can have any colour. You can select grey composite boards or oak boards. Also, you should ensure that you select a wood-plastic decking colour that will match your garden perfectly.

  1. Add a Small Garden Room

If you desire to create a contemporary garden, you can add a small garden room in one corner of the garden. You can make the structure of your garden room with treated wood and floor the room’s ground with composite decking. A garden room will give you the chance to relax in your garden when the weather is hot, with the roof protecting your head from the sun. Most small garden rooms have three sides with the front open so that the room will be accessible. 

  1. Carved Out a Barbecue or Cooking Area With Composite Decking

If you love dining in your small garden, you can create a barbecue area in your garden. Most homeowners have used elevated or raised decking to create an outdoor kitchen zone in your small garden. Using composite decking comes with the advantage of easy maintenance. If you drop oil or grease on your composite decking, you can easily wipe it off by brushing the top with a brush.

  1. Add Tables and Chairs on Your Composite Decking

You can create a small courtyard or balcony section on your garden and floor the ground with composite decking. This composite decking garden idea is useful for homes with small yards. Homeowners can manage the small space in their garden by adding a table and chairs to it. If you install your composite decking in the centre of your yard, you can add a table and chairs to it also. 

Cover your garden decking with a pergola. A pergola enables you to sit on your composite decking during the hot summer days. That is why all homeowners must have a pergola in their garden. You can build a small pergola on your composite wood decking. A pergola in your garden provides an attractive outdoor space for homeowners looking forward to making a modern garden. You can plant vines on the sides of your pergola so that the creeping plant will cover the pergola and provide shade. 


There are lots of composite decking ideas for outdoor space. This write-up covers 6 composite decking ideas for a small garden. Homeowners can install beautiful composite boards in their garden and build a shade like a pergola to protect from the sun.

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