A sloped garden may be a challenge when looking to build a new outdoor feature given that the installation process is not as straightforward in contrast with projects on a completely flat surface. In this article we will discuss the various things you can do level your garden or to simply enhance your decking project.

1 Build a Multi-level Composite Decking

This is a more complex design for your composite decking. The deck will allow for multiple levels set at different heights which can be connected via stairways or ramped paths which look brilliant once they are complete. The obvious downsides to this are a big increase in installation time and cost of materials.

2 levels decking project

2 Add Stairs to Your Garden

It is quite rare that a garden will provide a perfectly level surface to work on. It is actually unnatural for a ground to be perfectly even due to contours and undulation. In some cases having an average gradient can actually be beneficial to your decking project. Gradual slopes allow you to install steps with less solid construction build-ups. Gradual slopes can be based up like patios, with the steps acting as low retaining walls.

3 Use Posts to Raise Your Decking

To have an even level to build a frame, you can cut posts at different lengths and dig them into the ground by 1ft. You must also set the posts using post mix so that the top is slightly above the desired height. You can fix the joists to the posts using an electric screwdriver and 100mm wooden screws. Cut off any excess post with a saw. You will now be able to finish the frame and start attaching the boards to the frame.

raised decking
chairs for decking

4 Combine your decking with your fence 

A way that you can enhance the overall look of your decking is by building it up against the fence. Many customers choose to place their decking up against the fence to save space. This will compliment your garden even further as the decking will sit perpendicular to the fence, giving it a neat appearance. You can also match the colour of the decking to the fence to create a to-match theme.

5 Cover the sloping sides with flowers

Soil erosion is a natural geological process where the soil is removed by wind and rain. The soil can be washed away in sheets and flowing streams of water. Gardens with slopes are more likely to erode due to the gradient. If you plant flowers on these slopes, this will reduce the effects of the rain on the soil.

2 coloured layer
decking and fencing

6 Building Balustrades

If your garden is sloped, then your decking is going to be raised to a certain height. Having your decking raised can be a potential safety hazard – especially if you have children living at the dwelling. Investing in a balustrade system will mitigate the risk of any trips or falls off the side of your decking from occurring. You have many options for balustrades, such as glass balustrades, frameless balustrades, semi-frameless balustrades and composite balustrades, meaning you can find what’s best for your property.

7 Building a large fascia

Given that your decking is going to be raised, you may be able to see the substructure at certain parts of the decking when standing face-on. You can use decking boards to create a fascia to hide the frame that lies beneath the surface. This will add massive value to the decking and give it a 3D look.

add flowers around decking projects


The 7 decking ideas for a sloped garden are building and multi-level decking, building a decking with stairs, balancing your decking with posts, trying to level your garden and others.

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