A sloping garden has an elevated and low landscape. Building your home in a sloped area can be a challenge because you won’t have much space to relax. Unlike a straight or well-landscaped yard, a sloping garden will make walking in it difficult. But you can still enjoy your sloping garden with decking installed in it. This write-up explains how you can balance your sloping garden with decking. Here are 7 decking ideas for a sloped garden. 

Build a Multi-level Composite Decking

A multi-level decking has many surface areas where you can perform your outdoor activities. This kind of decking will make it possible for you to balance the sloping landscape of your garden. One level of your composite decking can be on the highest point of your garden. Another level of your decking can be on the lowest point of your garden. You can access a multi-level decking with stairs that connect all the levels. Although most homeowners build a multi-level decking and attach it to their home, you can use a multi-level decking to balance a sloping garden. 

Add Stairs to Your Garden

Since sloping gardens have elevated and low landscapes, connecting your garden with stairs is a good thing. When building your composite decking, you should design your decking in different levels to be shaped like a stair. This type of decking design is similar to multi-level decking, only that it is not raised above the ground with posts. You can build flush composite decking and give it a different layer. Each layer will serve as a stair that will enable you to climb your decking with ease. 

Use Posts to Raise Your Decking

A sloping garden has an uneven gradient. If your composite decking should follow the slope, it will not be straight. To achieve straight decking in a sloping garden, you have to raise the decking up. This kind of raised decking is called elevated composite decking. Elevated composite decking has posts that serve as the foundation. The posts raised the decking from the ground and, when positioned well, can counter a sloping garden. You should begin your decking with posts by putting them into the ground and covering them with cement. For your composite decking to be balanced, the posts must be longer than each other. Those that are close to the elevated part or section of your garden should be shorter than those that are positioned in the low part of your garden. The aim of using posts of different height is to achieve straight garden decking. 

Put Chairs and Table on the Decking 

After you have built the decking so that it is straight, you can add chairs and a table to create a better relaxation space on your decking. Or, you can use leftover composite boards to build benches on your decking so that relaxing on it will be easy. 

Build Different Decking on Each Layer of Your Garden

Decking Ideas for Sloped Garden

If you don’t want multi-level decking, you can build decking on different sections of your garden. And you can connect the decking with stairs. Although the deckings are far apart, the stairs will make them look close. 

Combine Your Decking with Your Fence

This sloping decking idea is good for those that have a small garden and install composite fencing in the garden. You can combine your decking with fencing by building it close to your fence so that the decking and fencing will slope together. If you build a multi-level decking, your fence will also be multi-level. Building your decking on the highest point of your sloping garden is another sloping garden idea. You should do this if you don’t want to build a multi-level decking. After building the decking, you will be able to relax on the decking and enjoy the view. Your decking should be close to your home so that walking in and out of it will be seamless.

Cover the Sloping Sides with Flowers

Erosion will wear away the sloping sides of your garden if you don’t do something about it. You must cover the sloping sides of your garden with flowers and grasses. One grass that garden owners can use to cover the slopes of their garden is carpet grass. This kind of grass will spread and prevent erosion from destroying your landscape. You should plant the grasses on the part of your garden where you did not install your decking. If you want a straight landscape, you should try to level your garden to install decking and walking on the decking will be easy. You can fill up the slopes in your garden with sand until you have achieved a well-landscaped garden.


The 7 decking ideas for a sloped garden are building and multi-level decking, building a decking with stairs, balancing your decking with posts, trying to level your garden and others.

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