There are several ways you can decorate your small garden on a low budget if you want to make it attractive. Having a small garden is not a barrier to decorating your outdoor space. With a small budget and a small garden, you can still make your yard look modern. One way homeowners design their small garden is by adding decking. You can add composite decking to your small garden as part of your small garden decoration ideas. This write-up looks into 7 small garden decking ideas on a small budget. 

Add a Composite Decking

One small garden decking idea is to add composite decking. Of course, there are bunches of decking materials that you can install in your garden. But composite wood decking stands out from the rest. In terms of aesthetic value, composite decking is the best. When you contemplate maintenance, composite decking stands out. The durability of composite wood decking makes it better than plastic decking or wood.

 That is why adding composite wood decking to your small garden is the right thing. Aside from that, you don’t need a large garden to install composite decking. You can split your garden into sections. Install plastic wood decking in one section and plant flowers in another section. Homeowners have tried different composite decking styles. While some have chosen to install ground-level decking, others have installed elevated decking with stairs. 

Small Garden Decking Ideas on a Small Budget

Blend Your Decking with Your Garden’s Background

Blending your decking with your garden’s background is another small garden idea. Doing this will create a good visual appeal when you relax in your garden. Homeowners that want to create a consistent theme in their garden will find it worthwhile. One way you can blend your composite decking with your garden’s background is by installing one that has a similar colour as other materials in your garden.

 Most decking owners have their home close to their garden and have installed composite cladding on their home wall. You can select the same colour for your decking and cladding. To create a rustic background with composite decking by installing one that has rustic colour so that it blends with your garden environment. If you have bright flowers in your garden, you can install light-coloured composite decking to make it lively. And if you prefer a dark background, you can blend your decking with your garden by installing dark-coloured composite boards. 

Add a Small Pond to Your Garden

Adding a tiny pond to your yard is another garden idea. After partitioning your garden, you can dig a small pond in a section and build curved composite decking around the pond. A garden decking will look stunning when you install it alongside the water. Also, the decking will provide a spot for you to sit and relax while admiring insect and aquatic life in your outdoor space. 

Use Paint in Your Garden

If you have structures installed in your small garden, you can paint them the same colour. Garden owners have installed a shed in their garden. Also, most gardens have flowers planted in pots or baskets. You can paint the flower pots, shed and basket so that they all have the same colour. 

If you install wood decking in your garden, you will paint it so that its colour will match your garden. But if you install composite decking, there is no need to paint it. If you have put in your composite decking for a long time, the colour can fade, although not as quickly as wood. So, instead of reinstalling composite decking, you can give your old composite boards a good painting to bring back their colours.

Build Shelter in Your Small Garden

A shelter in your garden will provide a year-round relaxation centre. Also, a shelter in your yard will protect you from the scorching heat of the sun. You can floor the ground of the shelter with composite decking material. Also, you can put a table and chair in your garden shelter to make you relax in it. There are several kinds of shelter that you can build in your garden. A pergola is one type of shelter that you can install in your garden. Aside from the pergola, you can build a simple structure like an awning to provide shade. Since your pergola will not have roof shade, you can put a cloth on the roof frame of the pergola for protection.  

Build a Multi-level Composite Decking

A multi-level composite decking in your garden will give you the chance to use your decking for different purposes. On one part of your multi-level decking, you can put a table and chairs. You can also put a grill and carve out a dining area on other parts of your multi-level composite decking. Building a multi-level decking will enable garden owners to conserve space in their small garden.


The 7 small garden decking ideas on a small budget build a beautiful composite decking, adding a shed in your garden. Creating a colour blend in your garden, building a multi-level decking, and building a curved pool decking.

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