There are several ways in which you can decorate your garden with a low budget. Having a small garden should not restrain you from decorating it to the best of your ability. From redesigning the layout to installing decking or planting flowers, there are numerous ways you can give your garden a better look.

1. Building a composite deck

You can install a small composite decking for as little as £400. The area may not be huge, but it will create an aesthetic living space for the summer. Composite decking may cost more than timber decking, but the overall look and performance against mother natures elements are far greater. Composite decking’s durability is significantly better, and the level of maintenance required is minimal.

decking idea image

2. Use vegetation to blend your decking into the garden

Rather than having the edges of your composite deck displayed, you can plant different flowers and forms of vegetation around the perimeter of your deck. When the flowers grow, they will create a natural and beautiful border. The use of plants/vegetation will also give a beautiful blend between your decking and the surrounding outdoor space.

3. Add a small pond

Creating a small pond is an easy addition to your garden. There is a variety of opportunities to decorate the pond, including surrounding ornaments and small statues etc. Creating a pond can be done with minimal expense, simply using just a few gallons of water and a hole is all you need. In many areas in the UK, there are no regulations to follow when it comes to building a pond. However, in certain areas, it is required that the pond is 50 to 300 ft away from the property.

with some pond
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4. Using Paint

Almost every homeowner in the UK has a fence built around his or her garden. If this fence is a wooden panel, you can simply add a layer of paint to it in order to add more beauty to your garden. As we all know, timber or wood starts to rot and splinter over time, meaning maintenance is a necessity. If you have purchased composite decking of a certain colour, you can also purchase composite fencing of the same colour. If you are on a budget and are not willing to purchase composite fencing as well, you can simply paint your wooden fencing to match your composite decking.

5. Building a shelter in your small garden

A gazebo or pergola can be an aesthetic addition to your garden, and it will be useful in the warmer months. If your garden is south-facing and you find yourself getting too hot during the summer, building a basic shelter will complement your outdoor living space. With an array of options from pergolas to large umbrellas, the variety is limitless. You may also seriously consider building a small shelter if you have decking. Over time timber and composite decking lose some colour due to the U.V rays. Having a small shelter will keep the decking cool and ensure that the decking retains all of its colours over its lifespan.

6 Build a multi-level composite deck

This is a more complex design for your composite decking. The deck will allow for multiple levels set at different heights, which can be connected with stairways or ramped paths which look amazing upon completion. The obvious downsides to this are a big increase in installation time and the cost of materials.

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