Designing your garden is crucial if you want it to look attractive. There are several ways you can add beauty to your garden. You can install composite decking, you can plant flowers, and you can use paint to make your garden lively. This write-up examines 8 garden ideas with decking. 

What Is a Decking?

Decking is outdoor flooring that provides space for your activities. Having a decking in your home will give you extra space to carry out your activities. Homeowners usually install decking in their garden or yard. This is because the backyard is where the family converges and relaxes. Decking makes it possible for you to relax outdoors without stepping on sand or grass in your yard. That is why having decking in your garden is crucial if you are a lover of the outdoors. 

With decking, you can have a barbecue with your friends, or you can bring your home interior outdoors to create a beautiful scene. Composite is a decking material that homeowners can use to create a beautiful outdoor space. This decking kind is not only attractive, but it is also durable and comes with easy maintenance. Designing your garden with a decking involves adding or installing decking in the garden. To enhance their garden further, homeowners can combine their decking with other structures in their garden to make a modern garden.

8 Garden Ideas with Decking

Garden Decking Ideas

  1. Combine Your Composite Decking with a Mini Patio

Do you have a paved area in your garden? No worries because you don’t have to break the concrete paving. Homeowners have become creative by combining their patio with their decking. A patio is an outside space that is made of concrete paving. Although this term has been expanded to mean any outdoor flooring, a patio in this context means a paved surface. You can build a patio in your backyard or along the sides of your home. If you already have a patio, combining it with composite decking is a good thing. You can build a higher level composite decking at the edges of your patio and extend the decking into your garden.

  1. Make Use of Vertical Space 

After installing a decking like composite in your garden, you can try to make full use of the vertical spaces. One way to use vertical space is to hang flowers or place flower pots in your garden on your decking. Instead of spreading the flower pots all over the decking, hanging them will save space and will create visual continuity in your garden. This visual continuity can be enhanced by installing cladding along the wall of your home. The cladding and the composite decoding would have the same colour, which will stand out against the flower baskets you hang in front of it.

  1. Build Chairs in Your Garden

Building chairs in your garden is different from taking your chairs out and placing them on your composite decking. If you install plastic wood decking, you can be creative by building a seat made with leftover composite materials. You can build the seat around trees in your garden. These seats will provide space for you to sit when you are relaxing in your garden. If no trees are in your garden, you can use leftover decking materials to build chairs in the centre or one corner of your composite decking. The seats and the decking colour will blend because they are made of the same material.  

  1. Use Colours to Create Consistency

When you install decking, you can paint other structures than you install to have the same colour. You can cover the walk of your house with cladding and your property with fencing. Using composite fencing and cladding with the same colour as your decking will create the best visual impression any garden can get. If you build a shed and place flower pots in your garden, painting them the same colour with your decking will create a colour consistency in your garden.

  1. Bring the Indoor Outdoors

Bringing the indoors outdoors is one way you can ensure that you relax on your decking. Your table and chairs are things that you can place on your composite decking so that you can relax on them. With a little furniture, you can create a replica of your home interior right on your composite decking. 

  1. Level Up Your Composite Decking

Bringing the level or height of your composite decking to that of your home floor plan is another garden decking idea. This will create a seamless walkover when you are moving from your house to your outdoor decking. 

  1. Set Up Cooking Station

A cooking station like having a grill on your decking will enable you to have a barbecue with your friends. You can put the grill on one corner of your decking. Ensure you lay something on your decking so that grease won’t stain the surface of the decking.

  1. Save Space by Building Decking in the Sides of Your Home

If you have a narrow garden, you can save space by building your decking in the sides of your home. Building decking in the sides of your home will make a small garden look big.


The 8 garden ideas with decking combine a decking with a patio, building seats in your garden, setting a barbecue station on your deckingb, levelling up your decking, creating colour consistency and others.

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