For outdoor purposes, homeowners have decided to add a firepit to their composite decking. A fire pit makes it possible for you to have a fire on you at night. Also, a fire pit on your composite lumber can heat the surrounding area during a cold period. But adding a firepit to composite lumber decking comes with a caution. This write-up explains how you can add a firepit to your composite decking. 

What Is a Composite Lumber Decking?

Also known as composite decking or a wood-plastic composite, composite lumber is an outdoor flooring material made of recycled materials – wood and plastic. As a synthetic material, composite lumber makes it possible for homeowners to enjoy their decking for a long time. Decking is an outdoor space that gives homeowners extra space for their outdoor activities. 

With a decking install in your yard, you can sit in your garden at night and enjoy the view. Or, you can have a barbecue with your family. Creating the interior of your home on your decking is possible with composite lumber. That is why most homeowners prefer composite lumber to timber or plastics. Improvements have been made on composite lumber, and it makes it possible for homeowners to add a firepit on their decking. 

What Is a Firepit?

A firepit is a small space or structure where you can burn wood to provide light at night and heat when it is cold. Most fire pits are built or arranged outdoors. The typical picture is a small structure where homeowners can gather wood and burn the wood to provide light. The base of this kind of firepit is the ground. But putting this kind of firepit on your composite decking is not possible. 

Improvements have been made, and fire pits that can be placed on composite decking have been developed. To add a firepit to your composite lumber, the structure must contain the wood that will start the fire and prevent it from falling on your decking. Another kind of firepit is the gas firepit. This kind of firepit is not powered by wood but gas. To preserve your composite lumber and avoid spending money to replace damaged composite decking, you should use a gas fire pit. 

Is It Safe to Add a Fire Pit on Composite Lumber Decking?

Yes, depending on the kind of firepit you want to add. Homeowners using fire pits powered by wood should ensure that particles of hot charcoal should not fall on their decking. The composite decking surface has a plastic covering that prevents moisture absorption. This plastic on your decking surface can melt if hot charcoal comes in touch with the surface. 

So to be on the safe side regarding adding a firepit on your decking, you should use a gas fire pit.

 If you want to use a wood fire pit, you should ensure that the firepit is installed between your decking boards. Surrounded by walls or any other fireproof material. You should do the same for the gas fire pit.  Never let your composite lumber come in contact with the surface of your firepit. Else you will destroy it. Also, never let your fire pit come in direct contact with your building structure. Your fire pit should be placed far from your building.

Type of Fire Pits You Can Add on Your Composite Lumber

Wood or Timber Burning Fire Pit

Fire pit on decking

This kind of fire makes use of dry timber to start a fire and keep it burning. A wood fire pit is limited to a confined place and is usually protected with a wall made of stone or brick. If you have ground-level composite lumber, you should integrate the fire put when drawing the plan. Ensure that hot charcoal or fire sparks from the wood fire do not touch the surface of your composite lumber.

Propane Fire Pits

Unlike wood fire pits that use timber as fuel, this kind of fire pits uses propane. Most propane fire pits are portable and small, making you gently place them on your composite lumber decking. Before you put the propane fire pit on your decking, you should place something that will protect your decking surface from the heat of the firepit.

 Gel Fuel Fire Pits

This kind of fire pit does not use wood or propane but gel as fuel. Gel fuel fire pits are beautiful and easy to carry, making them easy to add to your composite wood decking.


One way homeowners can make their outdoor decking attractive at night is by adding a fire pit to their composite lumber decking. You should ensure that you follow all the safety rules when adding a fire pit to your decking.

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