Composite decking provides the perfect spot for outdoor relaxation. On your plastic wood decking, you and your family will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the view of your garden. To further enhance your composite decking, you can bring the indoor-outdoor. Homeowners have created a replica of their home by putting their chairs and other furniture on their decking. You can create an outdoor kitchen on your composite decking. An outdoor kitchen will make it easy for you to have a barbecue party on your decking without entering in and out of your home. This write-up explains adding an outdoor kitchen on composite decking.

Can You Put an Outdoor Kitchen on My Decking?

Yes, you can put an outdoor kitchen on your decking to get the most of the decking. An outdoor kitchen is a structure that contains a grill, a dishwasher and a cabinet to put things. 

What to Consider When Adding a Kitchen to Your Decking

Assembling or building a kitchen on your decking does not mean that you have to bring out everything in your home kitchen and add them to your decking. Doing that will destroy your decking quickly. Why? Your decking structure has a maximum weight that it can take. Adding a heavy kitchen structure to your decking will make it collapse. So, when adding a kitchen to your decking, you should put a ready to assemble kitchen on the decking.

 This type of kitchen is design for outdoor space and decking. The kitchen is not too large and heavy, and it will not damage your decking. Aside from weight, you have to consider the size of your kitchen. If you decide to put a grill on your decking, your grill should not be too large that it takes up much space on your decking. When adding a kitchen to your decking, you should consider the joist space. 

Your decking joists are the frame or the substructure that raised it and served as its foundation. Most decking joists are spaced 16cm apart because this isn’t the recommended spacing or residential area. But when adding a kitchen, you will add additional weight to the decking. That is why adding extra joists or frame to the spot you want to place your kitchen is the right thing to do.

What Type of Decking Is Best for Outdoor Kitchen?

It is correct that there are different decking material. But not all the material are good for an outdoor kitchen. Composite decking is one popular decking material, and it is the best option for an outdoor kitchen. Plastic wood decking does not have the appearance of timber decking. It is aesthetically pleasing and fades less quickly than timber. Another good thing about plastic wood decking is that it has a non-combustible surface. 

What non-combustible surface means is that composite wood decking will not burn rapidly like timber. As a synthetic material, composite decking was designed not to burn quickly. This makes adding an outdoor kitchen on composite decking easier. But plastic wood decoding can melt when the temperature is hot. Since the surface is plastic coated, the plastic on the composite will melt. So, to prevent the melting of composite decking surface, you should not use a wood grill for your kitchen. 

You can either use an electric or gas grill on your composite decking. Also, you can place a rug under your grill to prevent the heat from the grill from touching the surface of your composite decking. Wood decking is another flooring material. This flooring material is not too good for an outdoor kitchen. The reason is wood decking is combustible.

 Timber is a material that can burn easily, and when you put a grill on your timber decking, your decking can burn. Homeowners can put a rug on their timber decking to prevent heat from reaching the surface. PVC decking has a plastic surface that melts easily. When you put a grill or outdoor kitchen on your PVC decking, the top will melt due to heat.

What Type of Outdoor Kitchen Should I Use?

outdoor kitchen to a decking

The best kind of outdoor kitchen you should use is one that is not too large and heavy. There are several outdoor kitchen options in the market that you can select from. Ensure that you select the ready to assemble kitchen for easy installation.


Adding an outdoor kitchen on composite decking is easy if you install the right decking type with extra frame support. Also, you should add the ready to assemble kitchen for easy installation.

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