Composite decking has many advantages when compared to other outdoor flooring materials. One of the key benefits is that these boards have slip-resistant properties however, composite decking is not slip-proof. Good quality decking boards, like ours here at Composite Warehouse, have been manufactured to the highest standards and specially developed to include anti-slip properties.

Even though our composite decking boards have slip-resistant properties, these will still become slippery in the rain in both the summer and winter months. This may result in injuries occurring from your slippery decking. Knowing how to prevent these and take countermeasures to make your decking safer will allow you to continue using your decking all year round – no matter the weather.

Why Composite Decking Is Anti-Slip Decking Material

Composite decking is created with a mix of recycled wood and plastic fibres. This provides it with many advantages in comparison to wood decking including the property of higher slip resistance.

Another reason composite decking is the best non-slip decking alternative is the way the surface texture is finished. The boards are engineered with non-slip technology to ensure maximum safety. Composite decking can be designed with a grooved surface finish, which will also improve slip resistance. Smooth surfaces such as plastic or wood are more prone to creating a slippery surface, especially when wet. Wood grain composite decking has slip-resistant properties too, and is still more slip-resistant in comparison to other materials but is not as slip-resistant as grooved.

Ways to improve slip resistance

1 Drainage

Creating proper drainage for your decking area is vital to reducing the amount of standing water on your decking surface. If your decking area accumulates standing water, this will not only create a slip hazard, but will also result in your boards becoming damaged over time, leading to warping and cracking.

non slip face

2 Dirt And Debris

Over time, leaves and dirt can fall and collect on your composite decking area. We advise you to remove the debris and clean your decking to reduce the growth of mould and algae. Because this is the main reason why your decking will become slippery. Not only is mould unsightly, but it is highly dangerous, causing injury.

3 Winter Season

As the winter season approaches, all outdoor flooring materials will become slippery, including products like composite decking. This is due to ice, water and cold weather, making your decking a slip hazard. We suggest either using non-abrasive cleaning methods or leaving the ice to evaporate. This will prevent any damage from occurring to your decking boards when trying to remove snow or ice.

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Ways To Help Prevent Your Decking From Becoming Slippery


cleaning off oil

1 Cleaning

Cleaning your decking area regularly by removing dirt and debris will help reduce the slip hazard in this area. You can do this by brushing away any fallen leaves, pollen, dirt and debris as soon as possible. We recommend this be done at least every one to two months or more regularly. If you can see a buildup to maintain your decking appearance and ensure the area is safe,.


2 Keep Your Composite Decking Dry

Having moisture in your composite decking can promote the growth of mould and algae. Therefore, we advise you to sweep any surface water or debris off your decking as soon as you possibly can. You may wish to add a pergola to your decking area to help keep it dry over the winter months. Reducing the amount of surface water will help prolong your decking and reduce the slip hazard. Some homeowners even put a cover over their composite decking before snowfall to protect the decking if they are not going to be using it or protective grip mats if they are utilising it.


Composite decking provides slip-resistant qualities that can protect you and your family from injury. Composite material is a better option than timber decking when installing your outdoor decking, as it offers more beneficial qualities to keep you and your family safe.

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