Decking your home garden with a beautiful patio material is one way you can improve the value and make it attractive. But there are different outdoor patio materials, and they respond to tough weather differently. Of the four most common outdoor decking materials available, two stand out. Composite decking and wood are two of the best decking that can withstand tough weather. This write-up looks into how you can choose the right material when building decking for tough weather. 

Tough Weather vs Outdoor Decking

Most of the decking you will install in your home will be located in your garden. Building a patio in your garden will expose the material to the elements of weather. These tough weather conditions can destroy the decking if it is not built tough. There are lots of decking materials, but few of them can survive tough weather. That is why you must select your outdoor decking carefully to ensure that it lasts long. Weather elements like rain, snow, wind, and heat can degrade a decking rapidly.

 Rain can cause excess moisture absorption and leads to swelling of the decking. Snow can cause extreme cold that leads to the shrinking of the decking surface. Aside from shrinking, snow accumulation can add additional weight to the structure and make it collapse. Wind can shake the foundation of your decking if it is an elevated decking. Building an elevated decking without a good foundation can collapse when the strong wind hits the decking. Heat can make your decking boards expand.

 When the boards expand, they will crack. Aside from that, heat can cause sagging of the decking surface, which makes the decking less durable. Another element that can affect a decking is the UV rays of the sun. UV rays cause fades in the decking surface. The pigment of the decking will react with the UV rays, and it will gradually fade. These are how weather elements can degrade an outdoor decking if it is not built to withstand them.

Wood Decking

Wood decking is one type of decking material that homeowners are using today. This outdoor decking is the cheapest and offers less durability than others. For a start, wood decking is less durable because it does not resist the elements better. Weather elements like moisture from rain will easily degrade wood decking. When it rains on a wood patio, the patio will take lots of moisture, resulting in a swell. When the wood patio swells, it will lose its shape. 

Aside from that, the wood decking will rot, making it useless for outdoor activities. Wood decking will shrink because of heat. Shrinkage in timber decking is because wood can not expand easily. This makes the surface shrink when the temperature changes rapidly. A wood decking needs paint or stain to make the surface attractive after you have installed it. The UV glares of the sun will easily fade the colour of your timber decking. This means that you must paint your wood every time you maintain it. Timber decking is not built for tough weather.

Composite Decking 

Building Decking for Tough Weather

Homeowners have reported that composite decking is a decking built for tough weather. This is because it offers better resistance to the elements than wood, plastic, and aluminium decking combine. Composite wood decking is a composite material, and as such, it is stronger and more durable than aluminium and plastic.

 The surface or top of composite decking has a plastic covering that makes it take in less water than timber. This leads to a long lifespan because composite decking will not swell and rot. Composite decking will expand better than wood and plastic. This makes plastic wood decking less likely to crack or break when the temperature changes. Since composite decking has a long-lasting surface pigment, its colour will not fade quickly like timber.

Plastic Decking

This outdoor decking type is similar to wood-plastic composite, except it doesn’t contain wood. Like composite, plastic decking has better durability than timber. But when you compare its durability to composite, it performs less. This makes composite decking one of the best deckings that are built for tough weather conditions. PVC decking will not rot, splinter, warp, or sag like timber decking material.


There are lots of decking out there. But not all these decking materials are built for tough weather. If you are contemplating building decking for tough weather, you should consider composite wood decking.

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