Most homeowners want to know if a non-professional can install artificial grass. If you plan to lay artificial carpet grass in your garden, you would like to save cost by doing the task yourself. Although installing artificial grass requires some skills and can be a daunting task, it is not unachievable. Garden owners with little skill and the ability to use a tool can install their artificial grass without hiring an installer. This write-up explains how a non-professional can install artificial grass and the steps to getting your turf installed. 

What You Need to Install Your Artificial Grass 

To install your artificial grass successfully, you need these tools. Homeowners must have purchased the grass before they begin the installation. Although the grass you will install is not a tool, it is crucial to get it ready with other materials. Other materials homeowners should get are a utility knife, power brush, turf puller, turf gripper, shovel, gravel, wheelbarrow, spirit level, tape measure, rake, plate compactor, joining adhesive and joining tape.  

Utility Knife

You don’t have to be a professional to use a utility knife to install your grass. But garden owners must be careful when using a utility knife. You will use the utility knife to cut your synthetic turf into different sizes so that it will fit anywhere you want to lay it. 

Power Brush

This tool is similar to a lawnmower, and it is used to brush your turf. Garden owners will use it after they have installed their fake grass. The power brush will help brush your grass into shape before you start using it. 

Turf Puller and Gripper

When installing your grass, you need something to help you pull it so that cutting or seaming it will be easy. Turf pullers and grippers are tools garden owners can use to pull their synthetic turf. With these tools, you don’t have to struggle with grabbing your grass before cutting it. 


A shovel will come in handy when you have to remove soil from the area you want to install your grass. Garden owners can easily use a shovel without special training. Another use of a shovel is to remove the existing grass before you lay the new one. 


After clearing the soil you will install your artificial grass on, you need gravel or crushed stones. Homeowners will spread the gravel evenly on the place they will lay their grass. The essence of gravel is to provide a solid base for your grass. 


You don’t have to be a professional to use a wheelbarrow when installing your grass. Homeowners will use the wheelbarrow to remove dirt and soil from the area they will install their fake grass. 

Spirit Level and Tape Measure  

Garden owners need a spirit level to ensure that their grass is straight after installing it. Also, a tape measure will enable you to know the exact measurement of the place you want to install your grass. 

Rake and Plate Compactor 

You need a rake to clean the area you will install your artificial grass. With the help of a rake, garden owners can easily remove dirt. A plate compactor is useful for compacting the base of your grass before you install it. You have to ensure that the crushed stones you spread enter the ground, so you will use a plate compactor for the task. 

Joining Adhesive and Tape 

You need joining tape to secure the edges of your grass. If you attach your grass side by side, a joining tape will help you seal the place. Joining adhesive helps to secure the edges of your grass like tape. 

install artificial grass

Installing Your Grass Like a Professional

Now that garden owners have known the tools they need to install their grass; it is time to start laying the turf. Non-professional can easily install their grass by using the measuring tape to get the measurement of the place. After, you will need your shovel and rake to remove dirt and soil from the ground. To prepare the base for your artificial grass, you need to pour crushed stone and use the compactor plate to press the stone into the ground. Then start laying your fake turf on the area. You will need the utility knife to cut the grass if need be. Use a joining adhesive and tape to cover the edges, where you attach two layers of grasses. When you have laid your turf, you can use the power brush to prepare the surface. 


Can a non-professional install artificial grass? Yes, homeowners with little skill and a mind to learn can install their artificial grass themselves. 

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