Homeowners that are on a budget want to know if anyone can install composite decking. If you plan to erect plastic wood decking in your backyard, you should also think about the technical part of installing the decking. To make your decking installation project easy, you can hire an expert patio installer to do the task. Of course, hiring a decking installer will cost cash, but it is worth it. Another way to erect your composite decking is to do the installation yourself. This leads to the question, can anyone install composite decking boards? No, anyone can’t install plastic wood decking boards. 

What Does Installing Composite Decking Involve?

Erecting composite decking is not an easy task, which is why homeowners must be careful about it. To start, homeowners must have carpentry knowledge. Aside from that, installing composite decking requires time and investment in purchasing carpentry tools. Homeowners that don’t have time and carpentry tools will find it impossible to erect their plastic wood decking themselves. But that is not all about composite decking installation. 

To install your wood-plastic composite successfully, you must follow all the steps. The steps to build plastic wood decking are divided into stages that involve using different skills. A homeowner must be ready to dig, cut posts, mix cement, and attach planks to the decking frame. This installation task will consume time and energy. The other way to install your composite wood decking is to get an installer. A plastic wood decking installer is someone that has the skill and experience to build a patio. This person usually partners with decking suppliers so that after purchasing your decking, they will help you with the installation. 

Hiring a decking installer is the right thing homeowners should do because anyone cannot install composite decking. A plastic wood decking installer is skilled in using all the required tools to erect a patio. Also, a decking installer can work with other installers so that the job will be fast. Since anyone cannot install plastic wood decking, you should plan to hire an installer. But homeowners that have the necessary mastery can go about installing their patio. 

How to Install Your Decking Yourself

 Before installing your plastic wood decking yourself, you should acquire the boards you need for the outdoor flooring project. If you prefer a clean finish on your wood-plastic decking surface, you should purchase grooved boards. But if you don’t mind, you can purchase ungrooved boards. Homeowners need to get the planks they will use as the frame of their plastic wood decking. Your decking planks will be attached to your posts to make the frame of the decking. 

Installing composite decking boards

Ensure that you utilise the right materials like composite boards as your decking plank. This will guarantee that your plastic wood decking will last longer. Using timber as your decking frame will not guarantee strong decking. Then you have to acquire the tools that you need to erect your plastic wood decking. Homeowners will need a hammer, a spirit level, measuring tape, marker, hand drill, and a saw. Also, you must know how to use those tools we mentioned above because you will have to cut your decking boards, drill holes and measure the area. 

Clear the Area You Will Build the Decking

After getting the tools that you need to install your plastic wood decking, you should prepare the ground you will build the patio. Ensure that the area is level and remove any trace of grass from it.

You can pour gravel on the surface so that grasses will not grow there. 

Fix Your Decking Posts

Next, you have to start building the frame of your plastic wood decking. The frame of the decking will rest on your decking posts. You can use wood as the posts or metal. The latter is better if you want your decking posts to last longer. Dig holes around the perimeter of your plastic wood decking. Then place the metal posts in them and cover them with cement.

Build the Frame and Lay the Decking

After building the footing of your decking, you have to build the frame. Ensure that you use composite boards because they will stay longer. Lay the plastic wood decking on the frame and fix it with clips and fasteners.


Can anyone install composite decking boards? No, anyone cannot install plastic decking. To successfully install your decking, you must possess the expertise and time. Else, you should hire an installer.

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