Homeowners that have pets like dogs can be assured that they will not be affected by artificial grass. And what about pooping and peeing? A dog can poop and pee on artificial grass, and it will be just fine. But homeowners must clean the surface of the fake grass to remove the poop, the way they will clean real grass. There are other benefits of having fake grass in your backyard. Such benefits as easy maintenance, durability, and having a long-lasting colour that won’t fade after cleaning it are what make synthetic grass unique. This write-up answer the enquiry can dog poop and pee on artificial grass. 

Dealing with Dog Peep and Poo on Your fake Grass

If you have a dog on your property, you can still install artificial grass. One benefit fake grass offer homeowners are that it is long-lasting and easy to clean. This means that garden owners can remove any stain or dirt from the surface of their fake grass with ease. But what about dog poop or pee? It is expected that your dog will pee or poop on your artificial grass after installing it on your lawn. Dog poop can stain the surface of fake grass and decay if homeowners refuse to clean it. But it won’t damage your synthetic grass. The same goes for dog urine on fake grass. 

Can Dogs Poop and Pee on Artificial Grass?

Cleaning Dog Poop from Artificial Grass 

You better get a broom and a parker if your dog has poop on your grass. And homeowners should be quick about it. Leaving dog poop on their artificial grass surface can cause decay, leading to mould growth. Aside from that, dog poop can make your fake grass smell, making it not fit your outdoor activities. Homeowners should be swift about removing poop from their artificial grass. Garden owners can use a broom to sweep the poop into a packer. After, homeowners can throw the poop away. Clean the spot on the surface of your fake grass where the dog pooped to remove all traces of the poop. After, garden owners should wait until their grass is dry. 

Cleaning Dog Urine from Artificial Grass

Dog urine is another thing that can contaminate fake grass, like poop. When your dog pee on your synthetic grass, you can easily get it clean. Urine, unlike dog poop, will drain down the grass. When your dog urinates on your fake grass, the liquid will drain down the porous underside of the grass. This makes cleaning urine from the surface of fake grass easy for homeowners. But you have to wash the surface of the synthetic grass to remove all traces of urine. This will prevent your artificial grass from smelling. Garden owners should use a hose or a power washer to spray the spot where your dog urinates to remove all traces of urine. 

Garden owners should be careful when using a power washer on their fake grass. Bringing the nozzle of the pressure washer too low to the grass surface can peel the surface colour. But what about dogs that pee or poop on artificial grass around the clock? A simple cleaning of the fake grass will do. If washing the spot where your dog peep or poo is a problem for garden owners, they can simply remove the poop with a broom and packer. There will be no need for garden owners to wash the surface of the grass. But if garden owners desire an spotless, they can wash the spot where the dog poop or pee to remove any stain and odour. 

Dealing with Dog Odour in Artificial Grass

Pets have odours like every other animal. When they play on your fake grass, they can pass their odour to it. This is true if your pet poop and pee on the grass regularly. Even top-grade synthetic grass will eventually develop an odour after some time if your dog peeps on it. If you are a garden owner, and you are conscious of the smell in your backyard, you can remove pet odour. There are several pet odour neutralizers in the market, and garden owners can select any the remove dog smell perfectly. Homeowners should ensure that they don’t clean their fake grass surface with chlorine or bring a power washer too close to the grass. 


Can dogs poop and pee on artificial grass? Yes, pets like dogs can poop and pee on fake grass. But the good news is: removing dog poop and pee on synthetic grass is easy.

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