If you want your composite decking to stand out and look beautiful, you should install a rail on your decking. A good and durable rail will not only add beauty to your decking; it will serve as a protection for you and your kids. 

It is because rails prevent people from falling off a decking if you install it above the ground. So, rails serve two functions, one is for protection, and the other is for aesthetics. 

Types of Decking Rails

For several years, there has been an increase in the number of railing options available to decking owners. What it implies is that you can obtain different types of rails. Also, the material composition of the rails is different. Gone are those times when only wooden rails options were available to homeowners. 

Wood Rails

Wood rails is another rail you can add to your composite decking. It has the standard backyard railing parts which include posts, pickets, and a top and bottom rail. The material composition of wood rails is timber. For a long time, homeowners have used wood rails as a decking railing option along with wood decking. Wood rail is not costly, and it is easy to install. 

You can get customised wood rails that have balusters and post caps carved into decorative shapes to compliment the style of your home. One thing about wood rails is that they require maintenance. They are just like wood decking, and you have to maintain them regularly if you want your rails to last longer. If you compare for your wood rails well, it can last for up to ten years.

Metal Rails

metal rails

Metal rails is another rail you can add to your composite decking. Its material composition is metal. Makers of metal rails used iron or steel to make the pickets and posts. Homeowners do mix metal rails with wood railing to get a good railing option. 

The metal balusters of your metal rails come in several colours and styles. The styles include square, round, and baroque. Steel railing is strong, durable, and will last longer than wood rails. In terms of maintenance, metal rails are not like wood rails because it is easy to maintain.

Glass Rails

Glass rails are growing common today because of the beauty and the contemporary design it adds to your decking. The pickets or balustrades of glass railing is glass instead of other railing types. Homeowners install glass railing with aluminium posts and frames. 

Your glass rails can be tinted or transparent. You have to maintain these kinds of rails to make it look good. Maintaining it is not as difficult as wood railing, but it will require effort most, especially if you dwell in a salty, ocean environment.

Cable Rails

decking rails

Cable rails is another rail you can add to your composite decking. It is a favourable option if you desire an uninterrupted view. This railing type is unique because of its horizontal arrangement. Another thing about cable rails is that it gives your decking a modern look. Also, cable rails don’t require elaborate maintenance like wood and metal rails. Homeowners usually combine these railing types with aluminium posts. 

Composite Rails

Composite rails is another railing option that you can add to your composite decking. The material composition of composite rails is wood fibre and plastic. Makers of composite rails make it in a factory where they process the wood dust and plastic to form the rails. 

Also, composite rails require low maintenance. That is why composite rails are becoming popular these days and why they are a better alternative to wood rails. Aside from that, composite rails are durable, and they will lose a little colour when you install them on your decking.

How High Should My Rails Be On My Decking?

The International Building Code required that guardrails be at least 36 inches high. This height should start from the decking surface to the top of the rail. Thirty-six inches is for residential settings. If you are installing your railing in a commercial property or setting, the International Building Code required that it should be 42 inches high.

 This requirement is crucial because most decking owners install their decking above the ground. If your composite decking is some feet above the ground, a guardrail will protect or safeguard you and your children so that you won’t fall off the decking.

Which Rails Should I Choose?

We have explained the different kinds of rails above. For the explanation, wood rails are good but require maintenance. Metal rails and cable rails are also good to install on your decking. If you want a beautiful rail that will match the material you use to install your composite decking, you can use composite rails.


You can add rails to your composite decking. Adding rails will not only make it beautiful, but it will safeguard you and your kids from falling off your decking.

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