Building composite decking in your garden will provide extra space for you to relax on. There are many outdoor activities that homeowners can do on their composite decking when they installed it outdoor in their garden. But during the summer month, the overhead sun might make it impossible for homeowners to enjoy their wood-plastic composite decking. Homeowners might find themselves going for a shade in their house instead of relaxing on their decking. One way to block the sun’s rays from reaching and heating the surface of your composite decking is by installing a pergola. So, can I attach a pergola to composite decking in the UK? 

The Benefits of Building Composite Decking

Homeowners, at least those that enjoy the outdoors, love good decking. A good and durable decking will provide an outdoor space for them to relax. Relaxing on the decking in cool weather is fascinating because homeowners will have the chance to enjoy the outdoor space and nature surrounding it. There are numerous kinds of plastic wood decking, but few provide the best experience when installed in a garden. Wood decking is one material UK homeowners are using to build a patio. But timber decking has its limitations. Extreme temperature, bad weather and insects can easily destroy timber decking. 

But that is not all about the disadvantage of timber. Lumber decking is difficult to maintain. Homeowners that venture into wood decking have to sand, stain, seal and scrub their timber decking yearly just to make the surface clean. Engineers created an alternative to timber decking, which is gaining popularity today. The option for wood decking is composite decking. Installing this outdoor flooring material has lots of benefits. Aside from easy maintenance, installing composite decking will give you an outdoor flooring material that will last longer than timber. 

And the aesthetic value that composite decking gives to a garden is incomparable to wood decking. But the summer sun will hamper all these benefits of composite decking. UK homeowners will find it hard to relax on their composite decking and enjoy its beauty when the sun is hot. There are several ways UK homeowners can solve the problem of the summer sun. One way is by attaching a pergola to the wood-plastic composite decking. Another way is putting an umbrella on the decking. 

Attaching a Pergola to Composite Decking 

Attach a pergola to composite decking

The UK environment is sun-filled during the summer months. This implies that UK residents will enjoy lots of outdoor suns all through the summer. But the heat of the sun can be a problem when you relax on your composite decking. When the sun’s rays reach the top of your plastic wood decking, it will heat the surface and make it unbearable to walk on. Composite decking has plastic as part of its material, and that plastic makes it top hot. Of course, there are some brands of composite decking that have heat-resistant surfaces. But these composite decking boards do get a little hot after staying in the sun for some time. 

Besides, it is not just the hot composite decking surface that prevents UK homeowners from staying on their decking. The sun can reach down to the skin, producing lots of irritation that will make homeowners seek shelter in their homes. Makers of composite decking and pergolas have developed a way to solve the problem of the sun reaching the decking surface and hurting the skin. You should build a pergola on your plastic wood decking if you enjoy staying outside during the hot summer days.

Another way you can solve the problem of the sun ray reaching your decking surface is by putting an umbrella on it. But an umbrella is not a fixed structure, and the wind can blow it away. Since a pergola is the only option, you should add the cost of constructing it to your budget when planning your wood-plastic composite decking. And if you have built the decking already, you can plan your pergola by creating a place to install it on your plastic wood decking. UK homeowners can use wooden posts as the frame of their pergola. But if you desire a pergola that will last long, you can use aluminium frames as the posts. 


Can I attach a pergola to composite decking in the UK? Yes, UK homeowners can attach a pergola to their plastic wood decking to prevent the summer sun from reaching and heating the surface and hurting their skin. 

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