Adding decking to your compound is one way to improve the appearance. But adding a decking like composite decking will not only improve the appearance but will increase the value of your home. Aside from that, composite decking will give you extra outdoor space for your activities. You can relax and share memories on your wood-plastic decking with your friends and family. The kind of decking design that you build also matter. Most decking has straight sides with hard edges. You can make a unique decking if you build a curved composite decking.

What Is a Curved Decking?

Unlike the traditional decking design with straight sides, curved decking doesn’t have straight sides. Instead, it has curve or circular sides. This kind of decking has rounded edges and doesn’t have the normal appearance of traditional decking. The material that you will use to build a curved decking is composite boards. When building a curved decking, the joists must be circular or curved to cater for the design. 

Why Building a Curved Composite Decking Will Benefit You

One reason to build a curved composite decking is to create something unique that matches your taste. Your house can be different from others in your area if you give it a unique feature that will make yours identical. Traditional decking design has straight sides with rectangular edges. This design type is common and used in almost every home that has a decking. 

Building a curve decking will is different from the normal decking design will set you apart from other decking owners. Also, curved decking will increase the worth or value of your property since it is a unique design. When you dwell in an area with several homes that resemble one another, you might find it hard to distinguish yours. 

When you make a curved composite decking in your garden or your home’s front, you will find it easy to recognise your house. Also, curved decking will give you a sense of individuality and creativity by setting your property apart. Curved decking will also appeal to your neighbours because you have created something unique. This will make your property stand out for potential future buyers. 

How Do You Build a Curved Composite Decking?

Curved composite decking

The way you build a curved composite decking is similar to how you build straight decking. You should determine if you want an elevated or flush decking. This will enable you to know if you will use posts for the decking foundation. You should then make the design and ensure that it fits into where you want it to be. If you plan to build your curved composite decking yourself, you should note that it requires skill. This is because a curved composite decking is different from a normal decking design. The substructure must be curved to achieve a curve design. 

Step One – Clear the Area

When planning your composite decking, you have to clear the area you will fix the decking. This you must do whether it is a curved or straight decking. If you have to level your garden to make your decking straight, you should do so. Then you should measure the area to know how large your decking will be. Since you are building a circular decking, you should consider the circular edges. 

Step Two – Build the Foundation

Most curved composite decking is usually ground level decking. Some homeowners think that ground-level decking doesn’t require a foundation. But you must build a solid foundation of your curved decking. If your decking is flushed, you can use concrete slabs to replace posts used for elevated decking. You should place the slabs at the edges of your decking. How many concrete slabs you place depends on you. But you must ensure that you give your curved composite decking a solid foundation. You should cement the slabs to the ground with concrete so that your decking will remain fixed. 

Step Three – Build the Joists

A curved composite decking also requires joists. The joists will not have straight edges like the traditional straight decking joists. The edges must be curved to ensure that you achieve a curved design.

Step Four – Lay the Boards

After building the joists, you should lay the boards. Ensure you space them 5 mm apart.


You can build a curved composite decking if you want to create a unique design in your home. This kind of decking will create visual appeal in your home.

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