You can build a fire pit on your composite decking if you follow the guidelines set by the decking manufacturer. You must follow instructions so that you don’t damage your composite decking. Building a firepit on a plastic wood decking is one way you can be creative with your decking.

 The mention of plastic wood decking leads to composite decking material composition. If you are new to composite decking, you should know that its material composition is wood fibre and plastic. These materials are recycled materials. So, instead of throwing them away and polluting the environment, makers of composite decking process them in a factory. 

After processing them, they cut them into shapes so that you can use them to build your decking. A decking made with composite boards is a beautiful one, and it is fit for outdoor activities. To enjoy your outdoor activities, you can add a firepit on your decking. This firepit is beneficial during the winter so that it will heat the environment. But installing a fire pit on your composite decking comes with a caution.

Can I Install a Firepit on My Composite Decking?

Remember that composite decking composes of wood fibre and plastic. Those materials are flammable. But does this implies that it will burn quickly like a wood decking? No, it will not burn rapidly like timber decking. That still does not mean that composite decking cannot burn. Note that plastic softens at 176 degrees Celsius.

 It implies that extreme heat will deform the surface of your composite decking. Also, a fire pit on a composite decking can contain erratic sparks. These sparks affect wood decking as well as composite decking. That is why you have to protect your composite decking from such spark. 

Aside from that, if you use metal to build the fire pit, the metal can produce lots of heat reaching up to 800°f. This extreme heat will, in turn, melt the plastic composition of your composite decking.

Best Ways to Build a Firepit on Your Composite Decking

Can I Build A Fire Pit on My Composite Decking?

To build a fire pit on your composite decking the right way, you have to use a thermal barrier. This thermal barrier will prevent heat from reaching and warping your composite decking boards. There is a product DeckProtect thermal barrier. This DeckProtect is an aluminium tray that contains flameproof basalt rock-fibre insulation. 

It is this insulation or protection that keeps heat from reaching the composite decking boards. So, instead of placing burning wood directly on your composite decking, you should use insulation. Also, it is not an approved practice to use metal and put it inside or on top of your composite decking.

 Don’t place your gas fire pits on your composite decking because it can be dangerous. Always remember to use an insulation that will stop the heat from reaching your decking and thereby prevents surface distortion of the decking. 

Other Creative Uses of Composite Decking

There are other creative uses of composite decking. One of them is building a shade on the decking. A shade like a pergola will serve as a protection from the summer heat. This type of pergola will prevent the heat of the sun from reaching the surface of your composite decking. 

Another productive use of composite decking is by building benches and tables with the leftover. When you install your decking, and there are some that you will not use, you can make benches with them. Aside from benches, you can create tables and chairs that you will put on the decking. 

Also, you can make your flower case with composite decking boards. It is another way you can be creative with your composite decking. Also, it will allow you to create a consistent theme in your yard if the decking boards are of the same colour. 

You can be creative with composite materials by building a decking, fence, and cladding with them. Since composite materials last longer than wood, then your decking, fencing, and cladding will last long. Also, you can build your decking around your swimming pool. 

Composite decking is suitable for a wet environment because it has a slip-resistant surface. This slip-resistant surface keeps you standing even when your decking surface is wet. Aside from the swimming pool, you can make your sidewalk with composite decking.


One way in which you can be creative with composite decking is to build a fire pit on it. You must ensure you use insulation when building the fire pit so that the heat will not melt the decking.

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