You can build a shade over your composite decking if you want to.  You should do this if you dwell in a hot region. 

Composite decking gets heated quickly on a hot summer day. 

 That is if you install dark-coloured composite decking. Dark-coloured decking will absorb heat like dark attire.

When the decking is hot, it will be impossible to walk on it. If you can’t walk on your decking, then you can’t sit or relax on it. 

So to solve the issue of heated composite decking, you can build a shade over the decking. 

The shade will prevent the sun’s rays from reaching the surface of your composite decking.

One thing about composite decking is that you can be creative with it. You can build several kinds of shades to cover the outdoor decking from the sun’s ray.  

One type of shade that you can build over your composite decking is a pergola.

Another type of shade that you can put on composite decking is a large umbrella.

When you build a pergola or put an umbrella on your outdoor decking, you will enjoy your decking, even when the weather is hot. How to build a pergola will be looked into in this article.

 Building a Pergola

You can build a pergola easily if you are a DIY kind of person. If you have constructed your composite decking before, you can build a shade over it. 

build a shade over your decking

Your pergola needs four long posts that will serve as a pillar. It is these posts that will be fixed into the decking below.

Pergola Fixed to the Ground

 Note that if your composite decking is in your garden, then you might not need to fix your posts to the decking.

Also, you should dig four holes at the four corners of your decking.  

You must dig the holes well so that the posts will be firm when it is placed in the ground. 

Then, you should enclose the holes with mortar after you have fixed the posts inside.

Next, you should attach the posts to one another using wooden frames. This is to create a wooden rooflike framework. 

Note that the frames that you should use for the post should be treated wood. Treated woods are stronger than the untreated ones.

Also, treated wood will not rot. You can use aluminium instead of wood for the post of your pergola.

 You should ensure that the structure is strong because of a storm or heavy wind. 

Pergola Fixed to a Decking

A pergola fixed on decking is similar to one fixed on the ground in that it needs four or more pillars.

The difference is that instead of fixing the end of the posts inside the ground, you will attach it to the joists or frame of your decking.

Extra attention should be given to this process because attaching wood to wood might make the pergola unstable.

Do not attach the posts to the decking board. Your decking board can easily remove, and when it does, the pergola will collapse.

Use a strong bolt to fasten the posts or pillar to the frame of your joists. Note that more than four posts can be used to support your pergola.

The spot you attached the post to the decking should be neatly cut and covers to create a smooth surface. To further strengthen the post, you can add a railing. 

Another way of installing your pergola is by attaching it to a wall by using a ledger board. The ledger board will be first attached to the wall of the house. 

When a ledger board is used, it serves as support where you will connect the roof frame of your pergola.

So, with a ledger, you only need two posts. The wall will replace the other two posts. Then, you should join the frame of the roof to the ledger.

One thing with pergola is that the top or roof should not be heavy. You should not cover the roof with aluminium. You can leave the pergola roof exposed like that. 

When there is a need for shade, you can easily put something light like a cloth over the roof.


You can build a shade over your composite decking if your locality is hot. A pergola is one type of shade that you can build, and it can be built easily. 

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