Yes, you can build composite decking yourself if you are an expert. But, remember that building composite decking is a serious project.

 Also, all the guidelines must be followed so that you will build a strong decking. At this point, the question to ask yourself is, do you have the proper carpentry skills for the project?

 One senior composite decking brand manager advised that you should “be realistic as to whether it is within your skills.”

This means that you must consider your capabilities before you start building your decking. 

There are lots of DIY Network showing homeowners how to take up their home improvement project.

They portray the home renovation projects as something simple. But this might not be the case with composite decking.

Note that composite decking requires footers, joists, and fascia. Also, you need to understand the right expansion gap, and the type of clips to use.

If you are certain that you discern everything, then you can build your composite decking yourself. If you are not an expert in erecting decking, don’t fret because we have got you covered. 

First, you have to understand the various types of composite decking. Also, you have to understand the different types of clips and fasteners. 

Then, you will know how the types of composite decking affect the installation technique. Also, you must know the right composite decking expansion gap.

Aside from that, you have to understand the joists’ space requirements. When you know all this, you are closer to becoming a decking building pro.

This article focuses on answering the question, can I build my composite decking myself? Another article address the question, how to build my composite decking myself?

Types of Composite Decking

The first step to build composite decking is to understand the various types. To begin, there are two main types of composite decking. 

They are grooved and ungrooved composite decking. Grooved decking has channels or hollows at the sides. Ungrooved decking doesn’t have channels at the sides.

You can install your grooved decking with the hidden installation method.  The ungrooved decking can be installed with the surface installation.

When you use grooved composite decking, the fasteners will not appear on the surface of your decking.

But, when you use ungrooved composite decking, the screws will appear on the surface.

So, when you know the installation method you want to use, then you will know the right kind of decking to purchase.

Types of Plastic – Wood Decking Fasteners 

There are different types of composite decking clips and fasteners. The clips are important because they affect the kind of installation method you will employ

Clips are used for hidden installation, while screws are used for surface installation. 

Remember that it was mentioned earlier that grooved decking can be installed using the hidden installation.  

Clips and fasteners are used with grooved composite decking. While screws are used with ungrooved composite decking. The clips will clamp down the decking boards at the grooved edges.

After, the clips will be fastened to the joists with fasteners. This makes it possible for you not to screw the composite decking directly to the joists.

Ungrooved composite decking is screwed to the joists with screws. It is unlike the grooved decking, and the screws are exposed to the surface.

So, you can see that the types of composite decking affect the types of fasteners you will use. Also, it determines the installation method you will use to build composite decking.

Wood – Plastic Decking Expansion Gap

The expansion gap is another thing you must know if you want to build composite decking yourself. 

The expansion gap means the required amount of space you should leave between composite decking boards.

It’s essential to leave a space because composite decking expands when the temperature changes. When it does, the space between the boards will give way for it to widen.

When space is not sufficient, then the boards will sag or break. You should leave at least 5 mm space between the boards.

Wood – Plastic Decking Joists Gap

Composite decking joists must be appropriately spaced. The space between the joists or frame should not be more than 16 inches.

build outdoor decking yourself

 This will provide robust support for your decking. When you understand all this, then you are ready to build composite decking yourself.


You can build your composite decking yourself if you have the right skills. This means knowing the types of decking you will install and the types of clips and fasteners to use.

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