Cleaning your composite cladding is crucial for its survival. Homeowners clean their composite cladding in different ways. For example, some will use a cloth to wipe dirt off the surface of their plastic wood cladding. Others will use a brush to take away oil and grease stain from the surface texture of their composite cladding. A power washer is a tool that most homeowners used to clean the surface of their exterior wall cladding. But with using a power washer comes caution. That is why homeowners are asking if they can clean their composite cladding with a power washer.

What Is a Power Washer?

A power washer is a cleaning machine that uses force to spray water on a surface. A power or pressure washer blast dirt away from the body of material quickly. This makes a power washer a good option for cleaning. You can use a power washer if you want to clean your patio, siding or cladding, walkway, and any object that can withstand the pressure. 

Can I Clean My Composite Cladding With a Power Washer

Why Using a Power Washer Can Be a Good Thing

Using a power washer comes with lots of benefits. First, a power washer removes dirt quickly from the surface of the object that you want to clean. So, instead of scrubbing the surface of the material that you want to wash over and over again, you can just use a power washer. This is incredibly useful if you are in a hurry and you want to do the cleaning task quickly.

 Aside from the fact that a power washer removes dirt quickly, it makes cleaning cladding easier. If you install your cladding close to the ground, you might not see the benefit in this. But if you install your cladding high up a wall, then you will understand why a power washer makes cleaning easier. 

If your cladding is high and beyond your reach, you will have to climb or stand on something to reach it. You might not be comfortable standing on an object because you have to stretch out your hand to reach the top of your cladding. But with a power washer, there is no need for you to climb something.

 Also, you don’t have to stretch yourself to reach the tip of your cladding. All you have to do is stand and point the nozzle of the power washer at the dirt you want to remove and spray it off. This process of cleaning is fast and does not waste time. It is useful when you have washed the surface of your composite cladding, and you want to rinse dirt and the soapy water off the surface.

Disadvantages of Cleaning With a Power Washer

Using a power washer comes with disadvantages. Remember that a power washer sprays out water with force. This force or pressure can damage the surface of a material. With regards to a composite material, using a power washer should be done with care. A power washer can peel the body of a composite cladding if care is not applied. 

It will eat deep into the wood grain of composite cladding if you bring the nozzle too close to the cladding. That is why most makers of composite cladding will not recommend using a power washer to clean their products. So, unless you know how to use a power washer, please do not use it on your composite cladding. 

How to Clean Your Composite Cladding With a Power Washer

When you want to clean your composite cladding during maintenance, you should ensure that you do not bring the nozzle or edge of the power washer close to your cladding. The nozzle is that outlet that permits water to gush out of it. If the nozzle is too close and the pressure of the power washer is high, it will damage your cladding. 

Also, when you are using a power washer, you should ensure that you use one with a nozzle that is above 0 degrees. Power washers come with a nozzle range of 0 – 40 degree. 0-degree releases intense pressure because it concentrates water at one point. So, if your power washer has a 0-degree nozzle, you should replace it for 15 degrees or 40 degree.

Cladding material

 A nozzle bigger than 0 degrees has a broader spray area than 0 degrees. This makes using a power washer with let’s say 40 degrees better. It will clean fast, and it does not pose any danger to your cladding as far as you don’t bring it close to the cladding.


Can I clean my composite cladding with a power washer? Yes, you can clean your composite cladding with a power washer. Remember that you must not bring the power washer close to your cladding surface and you should use a nozzle that will spray the water.  

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