Yes, you can install your composite cladding if you are a do-it-yourselfer. Installing your composite cladding requires many skills. At least, you should be able to use tools like a drilling machine. Also, it would help if you were comfortable climbing a ladder because you might install the cladding high up a wall.

Again, you should be able to identify the various clips and fasteners that you will use to install the cladding. Aside from clips and fasteners, you should know how to place the cladding materials on one another. There is also cladding support and joists that you must install. When you are sure you know all these things, then you are ready to fix your padding, which will beautify your home. 

What Is Composite Cladding?

Composite cladding is a durable and strong structural material. Makers of cladding make composite cladding with recycled materials such as plastic bottles and wood dust or fibre. This implies that composite cladding consists of 95% recycled materials. You can conclude now that composite cladding saves our trees and the environment. 

So, instead of cutting trees, dumping plastic and causing land pollution, composite cladding makers save our surroundings. After getting the wood fibre and plastic, the makers of composite cladding will take them to a factory and process them to form composite boards.

Benefits of Composite Cladding

Little Maintenance

Composite cladding requires little maintenance. It is unlike wood cladding, it requires oiling, sanding, sealing and staining to make it last longer. With composite cladding, little maintenance involves cleaning the cladding to keep it free from stains or dirt. Also, composite cladding saves you money because you won’t spend it purchasing the materials to maintain the cladding.

High Aesthetic Value

The composite cladding has a high aesthetic value. Plastic wood cladding is more beautiful than wood cladding and can be customised to look like wood. There are different colours of composite cladding, and they include anthracite grey, grey, dark grey and brown.

Can I Install My Composite Cladding Myself?

Also, the colour of composite cladding will not fade quickly like wood cladding. After utilising it for a long time, it will lose only a small amount of colour.

Improved Resistant Property

The composite cladding has an improved resistance property that makes it resistant to insect attack. Also, plastic wood cladding is resistant to elements of nature, such as the UV rays of the sun. Again, the composite cladding will not splinter or break after being in it for a long time. The capped surface of the cladding makes it water-resistant.

What You Should Know Before Installing Your Cladding

Know the Required Tools

You must know the required tool that you will make use of when installing your cladding. One such tool is the drilling machine, which lets you fix the screw into the cladding. Also, you must know how to use a saw that you will use to cut the classic boards if you have to. These tools require strength to handle, so you must have the power to control them.

 You also need a tape measure to measure the length of the wall where you will install your cladding. Aside from the tape measure, it would help if you had a carpentry square and a spirit level to ensure that your cladding is straight. For your well-being, you need a safety glass and gloves to wear on your hands.

Understanding How to Install the Joist

Your composite cladding needs a joist or frame that will support it when you place it on the wall. You have to build your joist with durable materials, such as treated wood so that the support will last longer. Also, you must know the appropriate space between the joists so that you will follow the requirements. 

Know the Various Clips to Use

Composite cladding requires clips and fasteners to fix them to the joists. There are various clips and fasteners that you can use to install your cladding. Here are the starter clips that make it possible for you to fix the first set of cladding boards. Also, the clips are made of different materials, such as rubber and aluminium. 

Clips must be used to allow cladding boards to expand and contract when there is a fluctuation in temperature. If you are sure you know all it takes to install your opiate cladding, then you can proceed to install it. 


You can install your composite cladding yourself if you have the skill and know all it takes to install the cladding.

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