You can lay artificial grass carpet on sand during the installation process. But before that, you have to prepare the base of your turf to ensure that it has a solid foundation and drain water properly. Most homeowners are skilled at installing synthetic turf. If you have the skill, you can go ahead and lay your artificial grass carpet. But if you don’t, you have to hire an installer. Whether you hire an installer or install your artificial turf yourself, you need to do all the necessary steps to prepare the base. This write-up answers the question, can I lay artificial grass on sand? It explains the process of installing synthetic turf in detail. 

How Do I Install Artificial Grass?

After making your decision about the kinds of artificial turf to buy, you have to install it. If you are an expert installer, you can lay your artificial grass yourself. But if you don’t know-how, you need to hire an installer. Your artificial grass carpet suppliers will be able to recommend an installer they trust to help you with that. If you decide to install your artificial grass yourself, you need to know the processes and follow them to achieve better results. 

lay artificial grass on sand

Clear the Area You Will Install the Grass 

The first step to installing your artificial grass carpet is to clear the area. Do you plan to install your grass in your garden? Or do you want to install it in your front yard? Most homeowners find it unusual, but you can install artificial grass in your home interior. You don’t need an elaborate base when installing it in your house interior. All you have to do is lay the artificial turf on existing flooring. But when installing it outdoors, you need a solid base. The first step to getting a solid base for your turf is clearing the area. Remove any obstacles that obstruct the smooth installation of your grass. If necessary, you can use a shovel to level up your backyard or trim outcrops. 

Measure the Area

Artificial Grass carpets are sold in meter squares. So, to know the amount of artificial turf you need to install in your garden, you have to measure the area. To get the exact measurement of where you want to lay your artificial grass, you have to measure the length and breadth and convert the result into square meters. You should leave room for excess when measuring if your backyard has corners that are difficult to measure. This will make the grass you purchase sufficient for installation. 

Pour Crushed Stone on the Place

After clearing and measuring the place, you have to pour crushed stone on it. You can purchase crushed stone or granite from a supplier to use in your garden. Crushed stone gives your artificial grass a solid foundation and assists in drainage. If you don’t lay crushed granite under your grass, water won’t be able to seep down. Ensure you lay the crushed stone so that it will be about 30mm from the ground. After, you can level the stones with a roller to ensure you get a smooth surface. Most homeowners will hire a vibrating plate to make compacting the stones easier.   

Pour Sharp Sand on the Place

After pouring crushed stones on where you will lay your artificial grass, you have to cover it with sand. This is where you lay artificial grass on sand. The sand will provide a smooth sub-base for your synthetic turf and make it smooth to walk on. Depending on how large the area you want to install your grass is, you will need a small amount or a large amount of turf. The sand should be at least 10mm thick to achieve a smooth sub-base for your grass. It would be best to compact the sand like the crushed stone to ensure the area is leveled before laying the grass. If your place is not level, there will be bumps after laying your artificial grass carpet on sand. 

Cover the Area with Weed Membrane

Weed membranes prevent weeds from growing under your grass. You can apply weed membrane to the place you will install the turf. 

Lay Your Grass on Sand

After preparing the base of your artificial grass, you can lay it on sand. Ensure you cover every part of your garden and seal the joints between two layers of grasses.


Can I lay artificial grass on sand? Yes, homeowners can lay artificial grass carpet on sand after preparing the base.

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