Homeowners that want to replace their wood decking with modern, well-engineered composite decking want an answer to that question. If you have installed plastic wood decking in your home and are not satisfied with it, you can change your decking for a new one. One of the best patio materials homeowners can use to replace their timber decking is composite decking. This decking material has many advantages that make homeowners prefer it over wood. Aside from durability, composite wood decking is aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. This write-up answers the enquiry, can I lay composite decking directly on wood decking? 

Why Homeowners Are Replacing Their Wood with Composite Decking

If you have wood decking installed in your garden, you will know more about maintaining it. The maintenance of lumber decking is tedious. Aside from scrubbing, you have to sand the lumber decking. Sanding will enable your wood decking surface to be smooth. After making your timber decking surface smooth, you have to paint it to make the surface look good. 

Homeowners must do the sanding and painting of their timber decking regularly if they want it to stay attractive. This process is cash consuming and tedious and might require hiring cleaners to clean your lumber decking surface. Maintenance is not the only problem of timber decking; the durability and lifespan of timber decking is another reason homeowners are changing them for composite.

 Lumber decking is not durable and does not have a long lifespan. That is why engineers developed plastic wood or composite decking to replace it. As a composite material, composite decking solves most of the problems of lumber decking. Plastic lumber decking requires little maintenance and last longer without sanding or painting. Plastic lumber decking will also stand against the elements better than lumber, even when the lumber is treated. 

Replacing Your Wood Decking with Composite Decking

If you have wood decking installed in your yard, you can surely replace it with composite decking. But to have good decking, you have to follow best practices when replacing your decking. Best practice requires that you first remove the wood decking before installing the new wood-plastic composite decking. The advantage of removing wood decking is that you will not place additional weight on the footing or foundation of your new decking. 

The old decking, plus the new composite decking, will double the weight and pressure on your composite decking. But when you remove the wood decking, you will reduce the weight placed on your wood-plastic decking. Aside from that, removing the old wood decking will enable you to inspect the joists. After installing your wood patio for a long time, the joists might be weak due to moisture absorption.

 If you notice the old wood joists is weak, you can replace them with new ones. Or, you can just change your wood joists with composite joists. Composite joists are better than timber joists because they will compliment your plastic wood decking. Since composite lumber decking will last longer, using composite joists will make your decking last longer and not collapse like wood joists. 

How to Lay Your Composite Decking on Wood

Step One – Remove the Old Wood Decking

Can I lay composite decking on wood

To lay your new composite decking on wood, you have to remove the old patio and prepare the place. You will need a hammer and a nail puller to enable you to remove the nails you use to install your wood decking. Be sure to have carpentry skills if you want to be successful in removing the old timber decking. Start removing the nails that help down your wood decking boards from one edge until you have removed all the nails. 

Step Two – Inspect the Joists

After removing the nails that held down your timber decking, you should remove the timber boards so that you will be able to inspect the joists. You have to be certain that the joists are strong enough to hold the new composite wood decking. If you notice weak joists, you must change them. And if the whole substructure is weak, you should change the joists.

Step Three – Lay the New Composite Decking

When you are certain that the joists are strong enough to hold the decking, you can start laying the new composite boards on it. 


Can I lay composite decking directly on wood decking? To replace your wood decking with composite decking, you have to remove the old lumber first and then inspect the joists before you start installing the new decking. 

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