If you have decking in your home garden, you can make it look good as your home’s interior. Decking allows you to carry out your outdoor activities on it. You can party on your decking, or you can have a barbecue with your family on it. But unfortunately for some homeowners, most decking doesn’t last long. To make their decking last longer, they have to treat it with chemicals. But not all decking material needs treating. Can you leave your decking untreated?

Different Types of Decking Material

Remember that we mention that there are different decking materials available. Composite decking is one type of decking. Aside from plastic wood composite, there is timber decking and PVC. 

Composite Decking

We have to consider the material composition of composite decking to know if you have to treat it. Note that when homeowners treat their decking, they use chemicals to make it last longer. This process of using chemicals to make decking strong usually occur in a factory where they manufacture the decking. 

The process of making composite decking makes use of recycled plastic and timber. These two materials are leftover products, and they are combined in the factory with a bonding agent. After mixing with the bonding agent, they heat the recycled plastic and timber until they form composite boards. 

Can I Leave My Decking Untreated?

That is how they make plastic composite boards. When you install plastic composite boards in your home, they will last longer because the process of manufacture makes them durable. Plastic composite decking will resist the elements like rain, moisture, heat and changing temperature without degrading.

Wood Decking

Unlike plastic wood composite that contains recycled products, wood decking contains natural lumber fibre. There are two kinds of timber decking. The first is softwood, while the other is hardwood. The former needs chemicals to make it strong, while the latter doesn’t need chemicals. That is why makers of timber decking must treat their decking material with chemicals during the process of manufacture.

 The softwood is soaked in chemicals and pressure-treated until it becomes firm. With the aid of chemicals, softwood decking will last longer. This implies that treated softwood will last longer than untreated softwood. That is what brings about this question and why homeowners are asking if they can leave their decking untreated.

 Hardwood is stronger than softwood, so it doesn’t need chemicals. You can install your wood decking, whether hardwood or softwood, outdoors. But after sometimes, Your timber decking will lose its durability whether treated or untreated. That is why homeowners have to seal or stain their timber decking repeatedly to make it last longer.

Plastic or PVC Decking

Unlike wood decking but like plastic wood composite, plastic decking is also a synthetic material. Making plastic decking is similar to making a plastic wood composite, except plastic decking does not contain lumber. Plastic decking owners must process the polythene in a factory until they form plastic decking boards. Unlike wood decking, plastic decking does not have hard plastic or soft plastic.

 PVC decking has the same properties. When you install your PVC decking outdoors, it will last longer because it will resist plastic wood decking elements. At this point, you should know that plastic wood composite refers to composite decking. Moisture or heat will not destroy your plastic decking. That is why plastic decking will not lose its durability after you have installed it.

Leaving Your Decking Untreated

Leaving your decking untreated depends on the kind of decking that you installed. If you install timber decking, then you must treat it during the process of maintenance. You have to seal the surface texture with a good stain not to take in lots of water. This is aside from the normal chemical treating that timber decking makers give their products when they are making it.

 If you desire a decking material that you will not treat, you should consider plastic wood composite. This decking material is super strong and durable. When you install your composite plastic boards outdoors, they will not absorb plenty of moisture. That is why plastic wood composite will not swell or crack when you expose it to the elements. Another alternative to plastic wood composite is plastic or PVC decking.


You can leave your decking untreated if it is composite decking or PVC decking. If you install wood, you must treat it by sealing it with a sealer when you are maintaining it.

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