Building decking in your home is a good thing. But building decking with quality material like composite decking is better. Homeowners have often wondered if they can mix their composite decking boards with wood decking boards. We do not recommend that homeowners mix composite checking with wood. If you want to install decking, it is better that you install high-quality decking material all through. Let’s consider the attributes of wood decking and composite decking to know why we don’t recommend that you combine them.

Composite Decking Boards Attributes

Composite Decking Is Durable

In the decking industry, durability means the ability to resist elements of nature and insects. When a decking material is termed durable, it better withstands insect attack and weather than other decking material. 

Composite decking is one such decking material that will resist termite attack. Also, the fluctuating temperature will not affect composite decking. With regards to moisture absorption, composite decking will absorb less moisture. This implies that this decking type will not swell or rot.

 The benefits or advantage of composite decking durability is that it will last long. The average lifespan of composite decking is between 15 to 20 years, depending on the grade of composite decking that you purchase.

Composite Decking Is Easy to Clean or Maintain

Another attribute of composite decking is that it is easy to clean or maintain. The good side of composite decking easy maintenance is that it will reduce the cost of taking care of your decking. So, instead of spending lots of cash just to purchase the paint or stain or buy soap, all you need is a cloth.

 Just use the fabric to wipe the surface of your composite decking until it is clean. You can also make use of a broom to clean your composite decking. Painting and staining are not required for composite decking maintenance.

Composite Decking Is Aesthetically Pleasing

outdoor decking boards

Aesthetically pleasing means that composite decking is attractive. Aside from being attractive, composite decking colour will not fade or scratch fast like wood decking boards colour. 

So, if you install grey or brown composite decking boards, you will enjoy the colour for as long as the decking last. Note that when you install composite decking, the colour will appear to fade a little. This is because composite decking boards’ colour will adjust to the environment.

 During manufacturing, makers of composite decking coat it with heavy pigment to compensate for the little colour loss. Now let’s consider wood decking boards attributes.  

Wood or Timber Decking Attributes

One thing about timber decking is that it is not a synthetic material like composite decking. This implies that wood decking contains 100% timber. 

Wood Decking Is not as Durable as Composite Decking

The material composition of wood decking is the reason why it is not durable. Wood fibre is not resistant to insect attack. So, this means that If termites should attack your timber decking, termites will eat it. 

Aside from termites, wood decking will absorb lots of water from the air. Excess moisture in decking is bad because it will make the decking material to swell and rot. When the temperature changes, wood decking will expand and crack or splinter. 

This makes the lifespans of timber decking short. A wood decking will last for about ten years which is by far smaller than composite decking lifespan.

Wood Decking Is not Easy to Clean or Maintain

Timber decking requires two kinds of maintenance. The first is the regular maintenance or cleaning that you will give to your household item. While the second is the painting or staining that you apply to it to make it last longer. 

You have to use your cash to purchase the paint or stain that you will apply to the surface of your timber decking. This Implies that wood decking consumes lots of cash, unlike composite decking maintenance that doesn’t. Also, timber decking maintenance is back-breaking and time-consuming.

Wood Decking Has the Traditional Timber Look.

traditional look of timber decking boards

Unlike composite decking boards that come in grey, brown, black and many other colours, wood decking has the old wood appearance. If you don’t want this traditional wood look, then you have to give the surface of your wood decking boards a good painting. 

But the problem with paint or stain is that they fade on time. So, this implies that you have to paint your timber decking annually to make it stay beautiful.

Should I Mix Wood Decking with Composite Decking Boards?

We have examined the attributes of both timber decking and composite decking, and we have shown that composite decking is better than timber. 

When installing decking, it is not logical to mix high-quality material with one that is not high-quality. That is why you should not mix composite decking boards with wood decking boards.


We do not recommend that you mix composite decking boards with wood decking boards. When installing or building a decking, we recommend that you use composite decking boards all through.

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