You can paint your composite cladding if you wish to give it a new colour. Note that we do not recommend that you paint your plastic wood cladding. This is because composite cladding comes with a timeless colour that will last for a long time. But the situation may warrant painting composite cladding. Let’s consider those cases that you might have to paint your composite cladding one after the other. 

Using Your Composite Cladding for A Long Time

One thing about composite cladding is that they are durable. Durability means that composite cladding can resist elements of weather. These elements of weather are the UV rays of the sun, fluctuating temperature, and rain. When composite cladding resists elements of weather, it will last longer.

 So, this implies that you can use your composite cladding for more than 20 years. Twenty years is a long time for composite cladding. Note that we mentioned that composite cladding colour is timeless. This means that unlike wood that fades quickly, the composite cladding will not fade. But it will lose only a small amount of colour over the years. 

This colour loss will first take place some few weeks after installation and over the period that you use the cladding. Some homeowners might not prefer their composite cladding to lose a little amount of colour. They might want a composite cladding that has a vibrant and looks like new. That is one reason homeowners are painting composite cladding.

Creating A Consistent Theme with other Composite Material

Can I Paint My Composite Cladding?

If you build a composite cladding in your home and you have a garden, you can choose to create a consistent theme if you install other composite materials. When your composite cladding, composite fencing, and composite decking have the same colour, you will create a beautiful background.

 Most homeowners install composite materials of different colours. So to solve the problem, they will give all the composite material one colour. And this they will do by painting their composite cladding.

Painting to Cover Scratches

Scratches can distort the beautiful appearance of your composite cladding. This will happen if you or your kids use metal or any sharp objects to scratch the surface of your composite cladding. You can give your composite cladding a good colour to make it look good. You must be careful and not let anything scratch the surface of your composite cladding. 

Note that scratches or paint can make you lose the warranty on your composite cladding. When you give your plastic wood cladding another paint after you have installed it, you automatically void the warranty of the material. So, this is one thing that you must consider before you commence painting your plastic wood cladding. Even if you paint your cladding, you can do that if you have an old cladding in your home.

How to Paint Your Composite Cladding

If you have decided to give your composite cladding a good paint, you can proceed to read this part of our write-up.

Step One – Get All the Materials You Need

To paint your plastic wood cladding, you will need a good latex paint. You should use latex paint because it is durable and will not fade quickly when you apply it to your cladding. After getting the paint, you should get sandpaper that you will use to smoothen the surface of your cladding. Also, you will need a bucket, a roller or brush that you will utilise to apply the paint. You can get a glove to keep the paint off your hand.

Step Two – Smoothen the Surface 

The surface texture of your composite cladding must be smooth before you start applying the paint. You will need the sandpaper that you bought for the task. Gently rub the sandpaper against the surface of your composite cladding and feel the surface with your hand to be sure that it is smooth. After, blow the dust off the surface of your composite cladding or rinse it with water. 

Step three – Apply the Paint

You should apply the paint on your composite cladding. Make sure you take away objects close to your composite cladding so that you will not smear them with paint. Then, you should use your roller or brush to smear paint on your plastic wood cladding. Be sure to apply the paint along the grain of your cladding panels. After painting, you should leave your composite cladding to dry. And that is everything about painting composite cladding.


Can I paint my composite cladding? Yes, you can paint your composite cladding if you want to give it a different colour. Note that we do not recommend that you paint you composite cladding because painting it will void its warranty.

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