Composite decking is a beautiful flooring material. To further customise your composite decking surface, you can place rugs on our timeless and essential decking. But, placing a rug on your composite decking comes with a caution. Before that, let us know more about composite decking.

What Is Composite Decking?

The answer to that enquiry is that composite decking is a durable and firm outdoor flooring material. Makers of composite decking made it so that it will replace the traditional wood decking.

Why Is Composite Decking Valuable?

Composite decking is valuable because it is a better alternative to wood. The problem comes from the setback of wood decking. Timber decking, unlike composite decking, is not durable. What this infers is that you have to treat your wood decking to make it last longer. 

Although there are some timbers like cedar and redwood that are naturally strong, they will lose their durability with time. When wood decking loses their durability, they will become susceptible to weather elements and gradually get damaged. They will splinter, swell, and rot. 

Also, they will lose their colour with time. Composite decking is the opposite of wood decking. You don’t have to treat our timeless and essential composite decking with chemicals to make them durable. Also, our composite decking will not splinter or break when you install them. 

What Are Ways In Which I Can Be Creative With Composite Decking?

You can be creative with composite decking in several ways.

Placing Rugs On Composite Decking

One way in which you can be creative with your plastic wood decking is by placing rugs on it. You can put rugs of any colour that you want on the decking. Rugs will not only make the top beautiful, but it will give you a soft surface that you can walk on or perform your activities. But, this does not imply that the composite decking surface is not beautiful on its own. 

Placing rugs on composite decking is like putting rugs on the tiles of your home interior. While placing rugs on composite decking is not a problem, we do recommend that do it the right way. Before you lay the rug on your composite decking surface, we recommend that you clean the top thoroughly so that dust or dirt will not accumulate on the top. 

If you don’t clean the body, the dust trap underneath the rug will harden over time. When it occurs, it will be hard to remove them from your decking surface after you remove the rug. So, this implies that a dirt trap under rugs can distort your decking surface. Also, you should be careful when using rugs that have plastic or viscose material. It is because the material may percolate. 

When this occurs, there will be a drawing colourant on your decking surface, or it might be challenging to remove your rug from the decking. Colourants will distort the surface of your composite decking when you remove the rug. So, if eventually, you decide that you don’t want a rug anymore, then you will have a lousy decking surface. 

The solution to this is that you should allow your decking surface to dry before you fit a rug on into place. Also, we recommend that you put rugs that have a plastic bottom on your composite decking. 

placing rugs on outdoor decking

Other Things You Can Put On Your Composite Decking

Aside from rugs, you can put tables and chairs on your decking. It is useful if you will use your decking surface as a centre of activities. You can place tables and chairs made of wood or leftover composite decking. With tables and chairs on your composite decking, you can have a party or hold a dinner.

 Aside from tables and chairs, you can place a sofa on which you will relax on your composite decking. It is useful if your plastic wood decking has a pergola that prevents the ray of the sun from reaching the surface. You can easily relax under the pergola while sitting on your sofa on a hot summer day. Aside from a couch, you can put a flower pot on your plastic wood decking. 

A plant pot with beautiful flowers in it will boost the beauty of your decking. You can put a barbecue grill on your composite decking surface. But, you have to ensure that you place something on the decking surface first that will prevent the hot body of the grill from touching the surface.


Although composite decking is a beautiful flooring material, you can place rugs on your decking surface. You should make sure you clean underneath the rugs regularly to remove dirt.

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