Yes, you can put composite decking on your flat rooftop. Putting composite decking on your flat rooftop comes with lots of benefits. You will be able to sit on your roof and enjoy the view when you add beautiful plastic wood decking to it. Also, adding composite decking on your rooftop will create a functional space where you and your family can relax, dine and enjoy a wide view of the landscape. Before you add composite decking to your roof, you have to ensure that your roof and the supporting structure can hold additional weight. This write-up explains how homeowners can create a functional space on their roofs by adding composite decking. 

Benefits of Adding Composite Decking on Your Roof

There are bunches of advantages that come with installing plastic wood decking on your rooftop. One of the benefits is that composite decking on a rooftop will allow you to have a rooftop activity right on your roof. The beauty and aesthetic value of plastic wood decking attract homeowners. When you build plastic wood decking on your roof, you will be inclined to stay there because of the elegance it appends to the place. Composite decking creates a functional space for you when you build it on your rooftop. 

Instead of abandoning your flat rooftop and leave it to the element, adding plastic wood decking will make space once useless useful. That is, you will find reasons to do your outdoor activities on your roof when a beautiful composite decking is installed on it. Adding composite decking to your flat rooftop will make you care for the roof. Otherwise, you would have to abandon the roof and leave let moisture or rainwater settle on the flat surface. But adding plastic wood decking will make you care for your rooftop and prevent leaks whenever possible. 

Building Composite Decking on Your Flat Rooftop

Rooftop decking

Before you commence constructing plastic wood decking on your flat rooftop, you should check the strength of the roof. Your flat rooftop must be able to support a weight of 55 lbs per square foot. If your roof and the supporting structure is not strong enough, then you should not build plastic wood decking on it. But supporting the structure that holds the roof might help before you install plastic wood decking on it. After ensuring that the structure is strong enough to support your composite wood decking, you should seal the surface of the roof before you begin laying the decking boards. 

Sealing your plastic wood decking surface will prevent moisture or water from settling and soaking the roof after installing the decking. To make your rooftop watertight, you need to install an EPMD rubber membrane over the surface of the roof. The EPMD rubber will prevent water and moisture from entering your roof and soaking the roof. A leaking roof can weaken the structure of your roof wall. Waterproofing the roof will make it last long after you have added composite wood decking on it. 

Install the Sleeper System

The sleeper system is what you will place the decking structure when installing your plastic wood decking. Instead of placing the frame or substructure of your decking directly on your roof surface, a sleeper system will ensure that your decking has breathing space to allow airflow. You can use timber or metal as the sleeper system of your plastic wood decking. When placing the sleeper system, you should space them appropriately, at most 16 inches apart. 

Build the Frame of Your Decking

The frame of your decking is the substructure that holds the decking in place. It consists of the joists and the outer frame panels. You have to lay the frame on the sleeper system and then finish building the substructure of your decking. Then you can start adding your plastic wood decking boards to the frame.

Add Plastic Wood Decking Boards

You should add composite boards to the substructure after you have built the frame. Ensure that you space the boards at least 5 mm apart to expand well when the temperature goes up. Then, tidying the top of your finished composite decking will help maintain a clean surface after installation.


Can I put composite decking on my flat rooftop? Yes, you can add plastic wood decking to your roof. You should ensure that your roof is strong enough to withstand the weight of decking, ensure that you seal the roof to prevent leakage.

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