Yes. If you have a composite decking in your home, you can use a rug to add beauty to the decking. Also, homeowners can use a rug to define space on your decking, makes the decking more welcome and protect the decking surface from scratches. If you are contemplating adding a rug to your composite lumber, what kind of rug should you add? And how large should your rug be? This write-up answers the question, can I put a rug on composite lumber decking?

Tip: When adding a rug to your composite lumber, the best material is made from polypropylene. A rug made from polypropylene will not fade quickly when you expose it to the sun. Also, polypropylene rug will not absorb water and retain moisture on the decking. If you want a rug that will not scratch your composite lumber, you should choose a polypropylene rug. To add value and create defined space on your composite lumber, your rug should be large and occupy a large area of your decking. This way, your rug will define space on your composite lumber. Most homeowners used 5*8 for small size composite lumber decking, while other use 9*12 for large size composite lumber decking. 

Why Homeowners Put a Rug on Their Composite Lumber Decking

Homeowners added a rug to their composite decking for several reasons. But common reasons are to define space, to add colour to the decking, to match the season, to make the decking more welcome, to increase decking comfort, and to protect the decking from scratches and foot traffic. 

Creating a Defined Space with a Rug

If you have a large composite lumber decking, you can divide the decking into different sections with a rug. One way you can do it is by adding the rug to one part of your decking. If you add a table and chairs on your decking, a rug in the centre will define the space around your table and chair. If you don’t add a table and chair to your decking, you can still use a beautiful rug to define space. A rug can tell your visitors that here is the sitting section on your decking. Also, a beautiful rug can give a visual notification to your visitors that they are entering a reserved area on your decking. 

Add Colour to Your Decking

Composite lumber is attractive, but adding a rug to your decking will make it more attractive. You can purchase composite lumber of different colours. Grey, brown, silver, black, oak, and anthracite grey are composite lumber colours. Homeowners can be further creative with their composite lumber decking by installing boards of different colours. You can mix grey composite lumber with brown composite lumber. But homeowners rarely mix composite lumber colours when installing their decking. To add colour to your decking, you can put a bright colour rug whose colour contrasts that of your decking. This way, you will create a visual impression with your rug on your composite lumber decking. 

Protect Your Decking with a Rug

rug on decking

Another function of a rug on your decking is to protect your decking surface. Every time you walk on your composite lumber decking, your shoe will leave marks on the surface. Thanks to composite lumber’s attractive colour, it will not fade quickly. But what about heavy foot traffic on composite lumber? 

When you and your buddies constantly use your composite lumber for your outdoor activities, your foot will gradually make the surface of your decking less attractive. A rug on the part of your composite lumber decking that gets the most foot traffic will protect the decking from scratches. Also, if you have kids, your kids can play on your decking dragging objects on it. A rug will protect the surface of your composite lumber decking from scratches.

Rug Makes Composite Lumber Beautiful

Aside from protecting the surface of your composite lumber from scratches, a rug will add beauty to your composite lumber. A bright colour rug placed on a dark-coloured composite decking will make your composite lumber good to look at. Also, a multi-colour rug creates a good visual impression and gets your visitor’s attention when they walk on your composite lumber. But you must use a rug that makers make with the right materials. Ensure to use a rug that will not scratch your composite lumber decking surface.


Can I put a rug on composite lumber decking? You can put a rug on your composite wood decking to protect the surface from scratches, add beauty to your decking, and create a defined space on your decking. 

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