Old or rotten wood decking needs replacement if you want to feel safe walking on your decking. Homeowners that install wood decking have discovered that they will have to change the material to a better one like composite decking or PVC. If you got your composite decking and are ready to replace your wood with it, can you do it alone? Homeowners with carpentry skills will succeed in replacing their decking themselves. But those that don’t have carpenter skills can’t. Even with carpentry skills, homeowners must engage the services of others to be successful.  

Why Homeowners Must Replace Their Decking

There are several reasons homeowners must replace their lumber decking for a better one. One reason is that lumber decking is not easy to maintain. Another reason homeowners should replace their decking is that lumber decking has poor resistance to the elements. Other reasons are no aesthetic value and low lifespan. 


Maintenance is one reason homeowners that install wood decking should change it to composite. As a degradable material, wood decking can easily become damaged without proper maintenance. The surface of lumber decking will absorb moisture and become a breeding ground for mould and mildew. So, during maintenance, homeowners must contemplate removing mould and mildew. Aside from mould, lumber decking surfaces absorb stains faster. This makes cleaning the top of timber decking a tedious task for garden owners that installed it. 

Modern decking materials like composite and plastic are easy to maintain. The surface is well protected and prevents the growth of mould and mildew. Also, the surface of composite wood decking does not need staining. Since plastic wood decking surface texture stays beautiful for a long time, decking owners don’t have to paint it. Scrubbing first off the top of wood-plastic composite is easy. It is because first does not stick to the top of composite like plastic decking.  


Durability is another reason decking owners should change their wood decking for composite. Since plastic wood decking material composition makes it strong and resistant to the elements, replacing wood makes it worth it. When you build your plastic wood decking outdoors, the elements of nature like rain and snow will not destroy it like timber. This makes it easy for homeowners with skills to replace wood with it. Insects are common in all gardens. When you build a wood decking in your garden, insects will attack and destroy it. But when you build plastic wood decking, the surface is protected from termites and won’t be destroyed. 

Aesthetic Value 

Replace your old wood decking with composite

If you have installed wood decking in your garden, you will discover that it has little aesthetic value. You have to paint your lumber decking to give it a good colour. So, if you plan to replace your decking yourself, you should use a decking with high aesthetic value. Wood-plastic composite is one such decking. This decking material comes with a variety of colours that makes the surface attractive. 

If you care about the look of your garden, composite decking is the best material to install in any garden. And garden owners don’t have to paint or stain their wood-plastic composite decking to make the surface attractive. The sun’s UV rays will fade the surface paint of timber but not the surface texture of composite wood decking. Those are reasons garden owners should replace their wood decking with composite. 

How to Replace Wood Decking

The first step to replacing your wood decking yourself is to tear off the old timber decking. You will need carpentry skills for this task, and you need tools like a crowbar and hammer. Tearing the old rotten wood decking will enable you to inspect the joists and change them if need be. When certain that your joist is intact, you can arrange the new composite boards on it. But if you discover that your joist is rotten, you have to build the frame again to get a strong decking. Laying your wood-plastic boards on your joists is not difficult. But garden owners must ensure to leave the appropriate space between the boards and between the walls. A 5 mm space between the boards will do while at least a 10 mm space. 


Can I replace my decking myself? Garden owners with the old timber decking can replace it with composite decking themselves. But this decking replacement task requires skills and diligence to achieve a strong outdoor decking.

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