Yes, you can replace your stone cladding with a composite cladding. But you should know that replacing stone with composite cladding involves tearing out the old rock. Tearing out your stone cladding is a calculated risk because you don’t know the condition of the brick that is behind the stone cladding. 

When you want to replace your stone cladding with composite cladding, there is a chance that nothing will be wrong. But there is an equal chance that the wall behind the cladding might be weak. So, you should get ready for the worst scenario when changing your stone cladding with composite cladding.

Why Most Homeowners Decide to Change Their Stone Cladding

Stone cladding is an exterior wall covering material that protects the wall of your home from elements of mother nature. Also, stone cladding provides insulation and prevents moisture from dampening your wall and entering your home. Note that stone cladding is not the only cladding material that provides these benefits. 

Wood cladding, composite cladding, PVC cladding and aluminium cladding also provides insulation. But the problem with stone cladding is that it does not look good when you consider its appearance.

If you live in a street where there are brick houses, your stone-clad home will stand out as odd. It is like a misfit, but this time the misfit is a house. Who lives in an ugly clad stone home on a brick home street, anyway?

Can I Replace My Stone Cladding with Composite Cladding?

 Stone cladding does not have any design that will make using stone an option. This is because the stones are arranged on the wall of your home with no pattern. Another disadvantage of stone cladding is that it fades away quickly over time. So, this makes homeowners turn to composite cladding.

Why Homeowners Are Using Composite Cladding

Composite means mixture. The mixture in composite cladding is wood and plastic. This mixture is recycled materials that they processed to make composite cladding.

The good side of composite cladding is that it is aesthetically pleasing. Unlike stone cladding that looks ugly on the exterior wall of a home, composite cladding looks beautiful and will stay beautiful. 

Wall cladding material

If you live in the street full of brick houses, cladding your home with composite cladding will make it stand out. Composite cladding will improve the appearance of your home and give it a contemporary look.

In terms of design pattern, composite cladding is arranged in such a way that it creates a pattern that makes it look beautiful. Unlike stone that does not have any particular colour except if you paint it, composite cladding comes in an array of colours. 

You can pick grey plastic wood cladding boards. Also, you can select brown, black, red, oak, dark-coloured and light-coloured composite cladding boards. This implies that you can give the exterior wall of your home a cladding that matches the environment.

Another good side of composite cladding is that you can maintain it easily. This means that if dirt is on the surface texture of your plastic wood cladding, you can remove it by cleaning your cladding.

 Also, mould and mildew will not thrive on the surface texture of your cladding if you take care of it well. You don’t have to sand or seal your composite cladding to make it last longer. This implies again that you will enjoy your plastic wood cladding with less effort.

Also, composite cladding is easy to install. All you need to fix plastic wood cladding is the standard simple tools. You can cut your composite cladding boards easily with a saw.

How to Replace Your Stone Cladding with Composite Cladding

Analyse the Situation

The first project to do when replacing your stone cladding with composite cladding is to analyse the situation. You have to examine the exterior wall of your home to determine if it is strong. This you can do by first removing the stone cladding in a small part to have a glimpse of the situation of the wall.

 If the wall is weak and they use the stone cladding to reinforce the wall, then know that there will be extra work. In this instance, after removing all the stone cladding, you might have to give the wall an extra layer of plastering with cement.

This will make the exterior wall strong before you put your composite cladding on it. If the wall is not weak, then you can remove all the stone cladding.

Fix the Composite Cladding

The next thing to carry out now is to cover the exterior wall of your house with composite cladding. If you are an expert, you should put composite cladding easily. Or, you can hire someone to fix your cladding for you. When you have finished installing your composite cladding, your house will have a good look.


You can replace your stone cladding with composite cladding. Composite cladding is better than stone cladding because it is more beautiful, it is durable, and it is easy to maintain.

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