If you have been utilising your timber patio for some time and the wood deck is old and worn out, you can replace it with composite decking.

This process is easier than many house owners think, and this article will touch on it. 

Composite decking offers a better decking option than wood decking because it is durable and strong.

Also, composite decking requires less maintenance, unlike wood decking, and saves you from spending too much money maintaining it every year. 

Another reason composite decking is preferred to wood decks is that it is resistant to a lot of things.

Composite decks are resistant to insect attacks because they don’t contain what insects can eat. 

Wood decks, on the other hand, contain fibre that insects feed on and are susceptible to insect attack.

Also, composite decking is resistant to stains like oil and grease.

What this means is that when oil or grease is poured on them, the oil will not stick to the surface and can be cleaned easily. 

Also, composite decking satisfies wood lovers’ needs because it looks like wood decks when finished with wood grain.

These are the reasons homeowners prefer composite decking and the benefits of replacing their wood decks with composite decks. 

If you want to replace your wood decks with composite decks, you should have all the necessary tools ready.

The next section explains how you can replace your wood deck with composite decks.



How to Replace Your Wood Decks Board with Composite Decks


Step One – Remove the Wood Decks

Removing the wooden deck boards is the first thing to do when you want to replace them with composite decks.

The tool you will use here is a pincer or anything else that you can use to remove the nails that you install on the wood deck. 

You must make sure you remove all the wood decks so that the joists will be visible.

This is very important because you have to check the joists to see if they are strong. 


Step Two – Inspect the Joists

You should inspect the joists to detect a weak joist and replace the joist or joists first before placing the composite decks on them.

The space between the joists should match that prescribed for composite decks and should not be more than 16 inches. 

Make sure that the joists are level with one another so that the decks will stay on them perfectly.

Also, you have to reinforce the joists with joist tape so that they will not absorb water and rot.

It is recommended that you change the structure altogether. 

This is because your composite deck will last longer than any wooden frame that you place it on.

If you place them on weak joists, the joists might end up collapsing when you use them for about 8 years.


Step Three – Place Your Composite Decking on the Joists

After making sure that everything is ready, you can begin to arrange the composite decks on the joists.

You will need a saw here in case you have to cut the composite deck boards into sizes. There are different types of composite decks that you can use, and they come in various colours. 

You can mix the composite decking colours to give you a beautiful deck surface.

Can I Replace My Wood with Composite Decking?

Note that whenever you cut wood during the replacement process, you should make sure to stain the surface with preservatives. 

 When arranging the composite decking on the wooden joists, you should start from the surface of a wall or from the building.

The clips that you will use to install the decks if you are installing grooved decks are the starter clips and the T-clips. 

Starter clips are used at the beginning of the decking, while T-clips are used to install the remaining decks.

If you are installing ungrooved decks, you can use screws to fix the decks.

When installing the composite decks, make sure to leave enough space between the deck edges to give way for the decks to expand. 


Step Four – Cover the Edges

If you don’t like the look of the rough edges of your decking, you can cover them with either a picture frame structure or trim.

The picture frame method is a little technical and requires that you build the joists like a picture frame.




Can I replace my wood with composite decking? You can replace your wooden deck board with composite decks if they are old or if you don’t want them anymore.