Yes, you can paint or stain your composite fence if it is faded or badly scratched. Note that wood plastic makers make plastic wood fence colours to be long-lasting so that you don’t have to paint it like wood.

It is because composite materials have an improved surface texture that makes them resistant to elements of weather. Also, they have an improved capped surface that makes it difficult for them to absorb the stain. 

Composite fence contains synthetic materials which are wood fibre and plastic—the makers of composite fence process the wood fibre and plastic in a factory. When the finished composite fence is ready, it is cut into various shapes and sold as fencing panels.

These composite panels are durable and as a result, will last longer than wood fence. Also, a composite fencing panel is rot resistant. Aside from that, the composite panel is resistant to insect attack. 

Can I Stain or Paint My Composite Fence?

This feature of composite fencing is beneficial because termites do attack fence and will destroy wood materials quickly. They will not splinter or break when exposed to fluctuating temperature. All these features of a composite fence make it the perfect fencing material.

Why should you paint your composite fence?

Composite fencing panels, like other durable structural materials, can wear out after a long time. 

It implies that a composite fence can lose a little colour when it passes the warranty. When the panel loses its colour, then you might want to paint it. Also, scratching your fence will distort the lovely surface to the extent that you might want to paint it.

So, what should do if you’re going to paint or stain your composite fence? To paint or stain your composite fence, you need to get all the materials you need. First, you need to buy the paint or stain you will use. 

What is the difference between painting and staining a Fence? 

Painting a fence involves using high-quality latex paint to coat the surface of your composite fencing boards. Also, the colour will hide any mark or scratch that is on the surface of your fencing panel.  The pigment will sit on the surface of your composite fence. The stain does not just sit on top of plastic wood boards; the boards absorb it.

 Although the coat stain given to your fence is thin, it will still make it beautiful. You can select to stain or paint your WPC Fencing. Both options are good and will restore the surface of your composite fence. 

What Type Of Stain or Paint Should I Use?

To paint or stain your composite fence, you should use high-quality latex paint or stain. Several paint manufacturers are selling different brands of colour in the market. Most of those paints are for all composite materials.

What this implies is that you can utilise it to paint your composite fence, decking, and cladding. There is the Behr Premium Plus. It is an exterior paint designed for composite materials. 

With this paint, there is no need for primer. Also, there is the Stain A15-150 Series Deck Stain. This stain is a high-quality stain that will last longer. Aside from paint and colours, you have to clean the surface of your composite fence.

Clean Your Composite Fence

Cleaning your composite fence is one thing you must do before you paint or stain your composite wall. You should ensure you remove any dirt that is on the surface. One everyday dirt that distorts the body of a composite fence is mud.

Mud can get to the surface of your bar when folks splatter it on it. Also, if your yard has a muddy surface, then you should know that cleaning mud will be a must-do task. 

You should remove dirt from the surface of your fence by rinsing it with water. If you want your task to be fast, then you can use a power washer. Note that you should use a power washer with care so that it will not destroy the surface of your composite fence. If coloured chalk stains your fencing panels, then you should try to clean the surface.

 Also, if mould or mildew is on the surface of your composite fence, you can utilise a soft brush and soapy water to brush the surface. When you have cleaned your wall, then the next step is to paint or stain the fence. You should read – how to paint or stain my composite fencing panel?


You can paint or drain your composite fence if the surface is faded or if you wish to change the colour.

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