Yes, you can use clips and fasteners to install your composite decking boards. But it depends on the kind of plastic wood decking that you purchase. Two types of composite decking boards exist, and they require two different installation methods. Grooved decking boards require clips and fasteners to fix them to the joists. Ungrooved decking only requires screws to clamp the boards down to the joists. If you want a clean finish on your decking surface, you should use clips and a fastener. And remember, they only work on grooved composite decking boards. So, can I use clips and fasteners to install composite decking?

What Are Clips and Fasteners?

Clips and fasteners are composite decking installation accessories that you can use to install your outdoor decking. They serve as a replacement for screws and nails that are used to install wood and ungrooved decking. Clips are what will hold or clamp down the plastic wood decking to the joists after you have laid them. At the same time, the fasteners are what will attach the clips to the joists. 

Fasteners are screws, but unlike installing your decking with screws, you don’t attach the fasteners directly to the decking boards. Instead, you use the fasteners to hold the clips in place, and the clips, in turn, will hold the decking to the joists. There are two varieties of plastic wood decking clips. The starter clips look like the letter L but turned upside down. T or intermediate clips looks like the letter T. 

Type of Composite Decking and Their Method of Installation

There are two kinds of wood-plastic composite decking available. You can get grooved or ungrooved decking. No matter the kinds of decking boards that you purchase, the method of installing them is the same until you get to fixing the boards to the joists. Let’s examine the wood-plastic composite decking installation method until laying the boards on the joists.

Step One – Prepare Where You Will Install the Decking

As part of your composite decking installation plan, you have to prepare where you will install the decking. If you wish to construct your wood-plastic composite decking in your garden, you should clear the space. This might involve landscaping your garden to achieve a smooth surface or removing debris to provide a clear space. After clearing your garden, you can mark the spot you will put the decking. 

You will need a marker and a measuring tape to know how wide your composite decking will span. Then you can mark where you will dig the holes you will put the posts. Posts holes are crucial if you want a plastic wood decking with a solid foundation. And the post holes should be deep enough to provide a good footing. Since you will cover the holes with cement, your posts should belong to achieve the desired height.

Step Two – Build the Substructure

The substructure of your wood-plastic decking is the frame that holds it to the posts. It is similar to the frame of a roof on which you will attach the roofing sheets. To build your decking frame, you should attach planks to the posts until you have covered it. Ensure that you attach at least treated planks so that they will not rot. The best planks to use for your joists are composite planks. Composite joists will last as long as your plastic wood decking. Build the outer frame by attaching the planks to the posts. After, you can build the inner frame by attaching more planks to the ones you attach to the posts. 

Step Three – Lay Your Plastic Wood Decking

Now that you have built the decking frame, you should prepare to lay the decking boards on it. If you are using clips and fasteners, you need to purchase grooved plastic wood decking boards. The clips will clamp the side of the boards down to the joists. Then the fasteners will screw the clips in place. To start, use starter or L clips to install the first lines of decking.

Clips and fastener

Since starter clips don’t have two sides, they can not hold down two composite boards. You have to use T or intermediate to hold two boards in place. You should continue installing your plastic wood decking until you have finished everything. 


Can I use clips and fasteners to install composite decking? Yes, you can use clips and fasteners to construct grooved plastic wood decking. This is the best way to achieve a clean finish on your decking.

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