Have you wondered if you can use composite decking as cladding? Perhaps, you have felt the benefits of composite decking, and you want an external covering for your home to protect the wall. Using composite products comes with many benefits ranging from durability, low maintenance, and resistance to the elements. But will composite decking boards last longer if used as cladding?

What Is Composite Decking?

Composite material like decking has come a long way over the years. Decking has gained lots of popularity because of its durability, ease of maintenance and scratch resistant surface. Also, it has a 25 years warranty on fade and stain if you maintain your decking properly. This outdoor flooring material is a composite material that engineers make with wood and plastic. Wood-plastic composite is stronger and long-lasting than wood or plastic, which are the constituent materials they used to make it. 

What Is a Cladding?

Homeowners use decking for flooring their garden to make their outdoor space better. Cladding is different from decking because you will not place it on the ground. You will use a cladding material to protect the exterior wall of your home. The reason for using cladding to protect the wall of your home is to prevent moisture and insulate the wall. When you clad your home with a good cladding, then it will last longer. Aside from that, you will add beauty to the exterior wall of your home when you use a good cladding material. 

Using Composite Decking as Cladding

Have you seen a home with beautiful cladding on the wall and wonder which material they used to make the cladding? The cladding that engineers make with composite materials are more beautiful than those made with wood or PVC. Most homeowners have considered the option of using their composite decking as cladding. But before you proceed to use your decking as cladding, you have to consider a few things. 

Composite Decking Boards Have Grooved Sides

If you have seen grooved composite decking boards, you will know that it has grooved sides. The side of grooved decking has channels or holes that run from one length of the board to the other. You cannot use grooved decking for cladding, and because the method of installation is different. When you want to install a cladding material, you will place the boards along the wall and make sure that they align with one another, and they hook one another. 

Using Composite Decking for Cladding Will Void the Warranty

Makers of composite decking do not make their boards so that you can use them to clad your home. When you use decking to clad your home, you will leave the decking at risk of getting damaged. If the boards eventually rot or warp, then the warranty the makers of the boards placed on their products will be void.  

Cladding Boards Have Their Method of Installation

Composite cladding panels

The composite cladding has a shape and size that is different from decking. The sides of composite cladding are designed to hook one another or enter into one another. Also, cladding is designed so that you can install them horizontally with screws or clips. The method of installing composite cladding is different from installing a decking. So, if you plan to use your composite decking for cladding, it might not be easy. 

What to Use for Cladding

If you still want to clad your home and don’t know the material, you should use it, no worries. You should stick to composite products because they are the best materials for outdoor cladding. Most composite decking suppliers sell composite cladding different from decking. Composite cladding is the perfect material for covering the exterior wall of your home from moisture and insulates the wall. This cladding material will last longer because it is durable, and it requires low maintenance like composite decking.

 Aside from that, cladding materials have a warranty. Using composite cladding will add beauty to the exterior wall of your home and increase the value. If you still want to use a composite decking board, there are some boards that you can use. You can use the ungrooved composite decking to clad your house wall. But be sure to ask your decking maker first because some makers make their decking so that you can use it for cladding while some don’t. But it is best to use cladding material to clad your home. 


It is not recommended to use composite decking as cladding because when you do, you will void the warranty. Instead, you should use composite cladding to cover the exterior wall of your home. 

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