Composite decking boards are not structural materials. It is because makers of plastic wood decking don’t design them to support heavy weight permanently.

What Is Composite Decking Boards?

Composite decking or plastic wood decking is a flooring material. The composition of plastic wood decking is wood fibre and plastic. This material becomes composite decking when its makers take them to a factory and process them.

 After mixing them with an adhesive, the makers will heat them and allow them to cool. When the mixture is ready, they cut them into different shapes so that you can use the boards to build decking in your home.

Uses of Composite Decking Boards

Plastic wood decking boards have many uses. But, the primary use of composite decking boards is to build decking or patio. In this case, homeowners will lay the plastic wood decking boards on a substructure or frame. The frame is either on the ground or on posts that homeowners cemented deep inside the earth.

Can you use composite decking boards as structural materials? The straight answer to that question is no. What is a structural material, and why is composite decking not suitable as a structural material? A structural material is a material that can absorb or withstand power loads.

The defining parameters of a structural material are its mechanical properties. Such material like concrete, steel, aluminium, timber, and masonry can withstand or absorb the heavy load. You can use them to build or support something, and they will stand up to the pressure placed on them.

You cannot use composite decking boards in place of steel or concrete to provide support. Also, you cannot use composite decking boards as the primary material to build your home. We will come back to that later. You can use plastic wood boards for making walking surfaces such as decking and pathways.

outdoor decking cannot be used as a structural material

 Also, you can use your composite decking as a trim and guardrail system. We will come to other uses of composite materials. Note that it is not only composite decking that you cannot use as a structural material. Composite cladding and fencing are not structural materials too.

Other Uses of Composite Materials

Composite materials include composite decking, cladding, and fencing. We have already discussed composite decking but have not discussed plastic wood cladding. You can use composite materials to fence your yard. Also, you can utilise composite cladding to cover the wall of your home.

Fencing Your Home with Composite Materials

One use of composite material is to fence your home. Folks are asking if they can use their composite decking boards to fence their home. Plastic wood decking is for decking not fencing. The right material that you should use when building a fence is a composite fence or plastic wood fence.

The material composition of composite fences is the same as that of composite decking. Like plastic wood decking, composite fences are durable and firm. It does not imply that you can use it as a structural material rather what it means is that it will last longer than a wood fence.

Another thing about the composite fence is that maintaining it is easy. All you should do is tidy it with a hose if there is mud stain on it. Also, the plastic wood fence is aesthetically beautiful because it comes in a variety of colours.

Cladding Your Home with Composite Materials

Another use of composite materials is to cover the wall of your home. The process of wrapping the wall of your house is what folks call cladding. Covering the exterior of your house will make the building last longer. It is because composite cladding prevents mould and mildew from growing on the wall.

You know that mould and mildew can, aside from damage the structure, distort the surface of your building. That is why you should install composite cladding. Another interesting side of plastic wood cladding is that you can customise it so that it looks like wood.

 Also, you can get cladding of different colours. The material composition of composite cladding is the same as composite decking and fencing. Also, the maintenance of plastic wood cladding requires little effort, unlike wood whose maintenance is laborious.

Building Benches and Flower Case with Composite Decking Boards

You can be creative by building benches and flower cases with leftover composite decking boards. It is particularly useful because you don’t have to throw the composite decking away.


Composite decking boards are not structural materials. The intended use of composite decking boards is for building decking which will serve as a walking surface. There are other uses of composite decking as well.

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