Are you thinking of building decking in your garden, and you don’t know which material to use? When you are new to outdoor decking, picking the right material can be an issue because there are many. You can use wood decking or composite decking if you prefer. Also, you can use plastic decking for your outdoor flooring. Note that all these materials behave differently when you build them outdoors. Wood decking will degrade quickly because it is less resistant to the elements. And then came composite decking to replace wood. Homeowners ask if they can use composite decking outdoors because they don’t want a decking that will degrade like timber. 

Why Composite Decking Is the Best Outdoor Decking Material

One of the best decking materials that you can use for your outdoor flooring is composite decking. This decking material will last longer than wood or PVC, and it is aesthetically pleasing. There are several reasons plastic wood composite is good for the outdoors.

Composite Decking Is a Composite Material

That composite decking is a composite material is one reason it is good for outdoors. A composite material contains two or more constituents. The constituents materials usually have different physical and chemical properties. This is so that when combined, the resultant composite material will have the properties of the constituents.

 The constituents used to make composite deckings are wood and plastic. Wood is a strong building material, but it will absorb water quickly. Plastic, although strong, is not as strong as wood, but unlike wood, it won’t absorb water like wood. Wood-plastic composite is strong, which is the property of wood, and it is water-resistant, which is the property of the plastic. This makes wood-plastic composite stand the test of time better than both wood and plastic.

Composite Decking Is Durable

Composite decking installation outdoor

Remember that composite decking is a composite material and that it is strong and water-resistant. This makes it a durable decking material that is good for outdoor decking. Because it is a composite material, composite decking will last for about 25 years with the right maintenance. This is a long time when you compare the lifespan of wood-plastic composite with timber or PVC decking. Composite decking will last that long outdoors because it is resistant to weather, mould and insects. 

Resistant to Weather and Insect

Another reason composite decking is good for outdoor decking is that it is resistant to weather elements like rain and heat. When rain wet your wood-plastic composite, the water will remain on the surface of your decking, and it will not infiltrate the core. This is because wood-plastic composite has an extra layer of plastic on the surface that protects it from moisture or water. When you install capped wood-plastic composite outdoors, it will last longer because it will not swell and rot.

 Aside from the rain, wood-plastic composite will resist heat better than timber. This means that WPC will not crack or break as a result of the expansion. The boards will expand and return to their original shape when the temperature changes, thanks to its plastic constituent that makes it flexible. Insects will not destroy wood-plastic composite because the plastic coating prevents them from reaching the wood part. If you install your wood-plastic composite outdoors, it will last longer than timber or PVC.

Resistant to Mould and Mildew

Mould is a fungus that affects outdoor materials like decking. They will grow and thrive on a moist surface and contain decay organic matter. Mould will easily attack timber because wood can decay if the surface is wet and the temperature is right. But when it comes to wood-plastic composite, mould will not destroy it. That is, if you install four sides capped composite decking. This kind of composite decking has plastic coating on all four sides with no side exposed to insects. The plastic will not let the mould reach the wooden part of the decking. 

Easy to Maintain

Another reason composite decking is good for the outdoors is that you can maintain it even when you don’t have enough time. This is true if you are busy and don’t have the time to look after your decking. To clean your wood-plastic composite, you should use a broom to push dust off the surface and use a cloth you have soaked in water to clean the top. You don’t have to scrub, stain, sand or paint your decking.


 You can use composite decking because it is a durable outdoor flooring material. It will last long for about 25 years, and it will resist the elements better than timber and PVC. 

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