Building a wood-plastic composite decking in your garden is one way you can create extra space for your outdoor activities and add beauty to it. Composite decking was made to resist the elements of weather. This implies that if you install your plastic wood composite in the open space, rain, heat, snow, and moisture will not destroy it. No matter the weather condition of the place you dwell, composite decking will last longer. But it can’t achieve this without maintenance. You must remove snow, dirt and stain from the top of your plastic wood decking. Melting snow can be a daunting task if you don’t know-how. Can I use salt to melt snow on composite decking?

Melting Snow with Salt

One way you can get rid of snow from the surface of your composite decking is by using salt or calcium chloride. Of course, there are several ways to remove snow from your decking surface, but those methods require the use of lots of muscle strength. Also, shovelling snow when it has already become ice will be difficult. 

If there is snowflake or ice on your outdoor patio, you can easily use salt to melt it. Rock salt or halites are types of salt you can use to melt snow. They work by reducing the temperature of the snow or ice to 15 degrees. When the ice gets to that low temperature, it will melt gradually, and your decking will be free of snow. Aside from rock salt or halites, there is calcium chloride. 

Calcium chloride is more efficient than rock salt and halites. It will interact with the snow and bring the temperature down to minus 25 degrees. There are lots of salt that you can use, and they vary according to the brand. Happy Paw snow melter claimed to be safer than calcium chloride because it is safer for the pet.

Other Ways to Remove Snow from Your Decking

There are other ways you can remove snow from the top of your composite decking. Aside from melting snow with salt, you can use a shovel to push the snow away.

Use a Shovel to Push the Snow

After it has snowed and your decking is covered, you can use a shovel to remove the snow to make your decking safe. Utilising a shovel is one of the most effective ways of removing snow from your composite decking surface if you don’t want to melt it. But using a shovel comes with a caution. This is because a shovel can scratch the surface of your decking if you dig too deep into the snow. So, you must be careful when using a shovel to remove snow. 

How to Use a Shovel on Your composite Decking

Most decking owners suggest that using a rubber shovel to push snow from their decking top is better than using a metal shovel. You should shovel the snow along the length of your decking boards, not perpendicular to it. Shovelling along the length will reduce the risk of you scratching the surface. But if you shovel perpendicular to the boards, the shovel can scratch the surface. You should remove snow from your decking little by little to make the task easier for you.

Aside from a shovel, you can use a broom to remove snow if it is not too deep. After a light snow shower and your decking surface is not fully covered with snow, you can sweep the top of your decking with a broom. 

Why You Should Remove Snow

Use salt to melt snow on decking

Removing snow from the top of your decking is part of its maintenance. If you want your decking to last longer, then it is crucial to remove snow. The weight of your decking will increase when snow is on the surface. Increased weight will affect the frame or the substructure of your decking. If you don’t remove snow, and it becomes ice and accumulate, your decking will eventually collapse due to a weak foundation. 

Another reason to remove snow from the top of your decking is safety. Snow can impede movement on your decking surface. You can slip and fall on your decking if the snow becomes ice. Also, snow on your decking can be hazardous for your kids. So, if you want a safe decking surface, then you should remove snow.


Can I use salt to melt snow on composite decking? Using salt to melt snow or ice is one effective way of getting rid of snow and ice. Also, you can use a shovel to push snow off the top of your decking.

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