You have to paint your outdoor decking if the colour is faded. One noticeable feature of decking is the beauty that it adds to your garden. While most decking has a beautiful surface that resists fading, others must be painted to keep the decking shining. One decking material that needs constant painting is timber decking. The better alternative to timber decking is composite decking. This outdoor flooring material has a superior performance and a better surface texture than timber. But certain conditions warrant painting your composite decking boards. So, if you are wondering if paint can be applied to composite decking, yes, it can. 

Is It Advisable to Paint Composite Decking?

Homeowners can paint their composite decking to any colour they desire. But, it is not advisable that homeowners change the colour of their composite decking boards. Plastic wood decking comes with attractive colours that surpass any other colour you will give the boards. This implies that homeowners can select their preferred composite wood decking from a large variety of colours. Makers of composite wood decking keep the surface colour in mind when making the decking; there is always a colour for any environment.

The best flooring material homeowners can use to create a modern garden is plastic wood decking. With its attractive colours, plastic wood decking will add value to your garden. When you purchase wood-plastic composite decking from a supplier, you will notice that the decking comes with a warranty. The warranty of your composite decking covers the boards and the colour. You receive a guarantee the colour of your composite wood decking will not rapidly fade like timber decking.

That is why garden owners can enjoy their plastic wood decking for as long as 20 years. If you paint or change the colour of your composite decking after purchasing it, then you will lose the warranty on the colour. That is why homeowners should not paint their composite decking. But some homeowners love exploring and have applied paint to their decking. 

Why Homeowners Might Have to Apply Paint to Their Composite Decking

Can Paint Be Applied to Composite Decking?

Certain conditions might warrant painting your plastic wood decking to change the colour. One such condition is when you discover scratches on the surface of your decking. Another one is if you have used your plastic wood composite decking for a long time, and it has lost its colour. Homeowners that installed the old generation composite boards will discover that it fades quickly. If your plastic wood decking is old, you should give it a new paint to rejuvenate the surface texture. Mould and mildew can also leave spots on composite wood decking, making you paint the decking surface. 

Scratches on Your Decking Surface

Homeowners that have kids can discover that when their kids play on their decking, they will scratch the surface. This will happen if your kids use sharp objects to draw lines on your plastic wood decking surface. Aside from that, homeowners can move heavy objects on their composite decking. If you drag a heavy object on your decking without lifting it, then the decking surface will scratch. Scratches on your plastic wood decking surface are bad because they will destroy the beautiful surface texture. If you don’t find scratch appealing, then painting your decking is the next option. 

Applying Paint to Old Generation Decking

The first generation of composite decking does not have better protection than the subsequent generation. The newer generation of plastic wood decking has a protective shell on its surface that protects from scratches and fades. If you install old generation decking, you will discover that it will fade to a lighter colour. Using the decking for a long time, for about 20 years, will make it fade completely. If you have an older generation decking, you can restore the appearance by applying good latex paint to the surface. 

Using paint to Cover Mould and Mildew Spots

Older generation composite decking does not have a water-resistant surface. That is why the decking can become damp and create the right condition for mould and mildew growth. If you remove mould from your decking top, you will discover white spots that can be removed. Then homeowners must paint the composite decking to remove the white spots. 


Can paint be applied to composite decking? Yes, homeowners can apply paint to composite decking if the surface texture is faded or discover scratches on the decking. Otherwise, composite decking has a good surface texture that does not require painting. Note that painting a new composite wood decking will void the warranty. 

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