Artificial grass is the perfect outdoor flooring solution for homeowners that want a lawn that is easy to maintain. You can clean your synthetic grass easily by sweeping the surface. Also, there is no need to spray artificial grass with chemicals to prevent diseases from affecting the turf. Weed sometimes affect carpet grass; that is why homeowners will spray it with chemicals to kill weeds. But can weed grow through artificial grass carpet? That depends on how you install the turf. If not installed properly, weed will grow through artificial grass carpet backing. But if you install your turf the right way, it is unlikely for weeds to grow through the grass.  

How Weed Can Grow Under Your Artificial Grass

The best way to prevent weed from growing through natural carpet grass is to maintain it regularly. Homeowners must trim their natural turf with a lawnmower to clean the surface. Also, homeowners must spray their carpet grass with chemicals to kill the weed. But artificial grass is different from natural carpet grass. The selling points of artificial turf is easy maintenance, no weed growth and no wetting like real grass. So, spraying your synthetic grass to prevent weed growth is not an option. This is because artificial turf is not supposed to grow weed. 

But at times, weed seeds can blow on your synthetic grass, and if the condition is ripe, the seed will germinate. When this occurs, your artificial grass will grow weed. Another way your synthetic grass can grow weed is when you or the turf installer don’t prepare the base well. Weed seeds are present in the soil; if you don’t remove weed seed or root properly, they can sprout in due time. This means that weed will grow through small holes in the backing of your turf. Weeds can also grow through the infill of your artificial turf if the seed you use for the infill of your artificial grass contain weed.

can weed grow on artificial grass

How to Prevent Weed from Growing Under Your Artificial Grass

To prevent weed from growing under your artificial grass, you have to get the installation process right. This means that when preparing the sub-base of your artificial turf, you have to remove all traces of weeds. 

Clear the Area

Before you lay your artificial grass on the soil, you have to ensure that you prepare the base. This means using a shovel to remove a tree stump, grass, and other obstacles. If you want to install the turf on an existing lawn, you must ensure you remove the old turf before laying the new one. When you do that, you will have a clear surface ready for the next step. 

Add Crushed Stones or Granite

To ensure a solid sub base to lay your artificial grass on, you must add crushed stones or granite to the surface. After, you should compact the stones to the ground to form a strong base for your synthetic turf. The stones will also prevent any weed root or seed present in the soil below from growing through the grass. 

Add Weed Membrane 

After pouring crushed stones into your grass, you have to add an infill of sand to make your grass smooth when you walk on it. Tamper the sand infill like the crushed stone to make it stick to the ground. Note that the sand infill you added underneath your artificial turf can contain weed seeds or roots. This can make weeds grow under your synthetic grass when the seed germinates. So, you have to add a weed membrane to the sand infill before laying your turf. The weed membrane will prevent any weed seed or root present in the sand to grow through your grass. 

Brush Your Artificial Grass Regularly

Aside from installing your artificial grass properly to prevent weed growth, you have to take steps to remove any trace of weed present on the grass. Wind and humans can sometimes bring weed to the surface of your grass. To stop the weed seeds from germinating, you have to brush your turf regularly with a stiff brush.

Handpick Weeds

If you discover weeds growing on the surface of your artificial turf, you have to handpick the weed to keep the top of your grass clean. 


Can weed grow through artificial grass? If you install your artificial turf properly, weed will not grow through. But if not installed properly or if the wind blows weed seed on your grass, weed can grow on artificial grass. 

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