Composite decking is one of the best outdoor flooring materials that homeowners can use to build a decking in their home. This decking type will not only last long but will save you money that you would have spent on maintaining wood. But composite decking can get damaged too. This can happen if you don’t maintain your composite decking properly or don’t install it properly. When this occurs, the decking will not last long unless you correct the mistake or you take steps to regain your decking. One way to do that is by fixing your decking. Since composite decking is durable, most homeowners don’t think they should fix it. Can you fix your composite wood decking? When fixing my decking, should I repair or replace the boards?

What Does Fixing a Decking Means?

Fixing a decking can mean repairing the boards or replacing the boards. Most homeowners are confused when their composite wood decking get damaged. They don’t know if repairing should be the option or replacing it. There is a clear difference between repairing a composite decking and replacing the boards. When you repair composite boards, you try to make the boards better without changing them.

 For example, if you have a warping board, you can easily use clips and fasteners to hold it down. Also, if you discover mould on your decking, you can easily scrub the surface until it is gone. Replacing a decking means changing the damaged boards for new ones. In this case, the old boards are damaged to the point of no repair, that changing them becomes necessary.   

Fixing Composite Wood Decking

When to Repair a Composite Wood Decking

Although composite wood decking is more durable than wood, they are still susceptible to damage. For example, if you drag objects on the top of your wood-plastic composite decking, you will scratch the beautiful surface. When you discover scratches on your decking, then it is time to fix them by repairing the scratch.

 Another scenario where you might repair your plastic wood decking is if the sag results from changing temperature. Sagging in composite decking can occur when you don’t follow best practices when installing the decking. This implies that if you don’t leave the exact amount of space between the boards, your decking will not expand well. This will lead to your composite boards touching one another when they expand. And then the decking boards will sag. 

If the sagged boards are not much, then you can repair your decking. Just unscrew the clips and fasteners that you use to fix the decking. Then, you should ensure that you space the boards at least 5mm apart. Mould is another thing that can damage composite wood decking. When mould thrives on the top of the decking, it will eat into it and destroy the colour. If you discover mould on your decking, you can fix the composite wood decking surface by scrubbing it. 

You will need a good decking brush and soapy water for the task. When you have scrub mould off the top, then you have repaired the decking surface. In the case of scratches on the surface of your decking, you can leave it so that the scratch fades or simply rub the top with a cloth.

Can You Fix Composite Wood Decking?

When to Replace a Composite Wood Decking

Replacing composite wood checking is done when repairing the decking is not an option. This can come about if the decking structure is not well installed, and the decking eventually collapses. In this case, you should build another joist and replace the composite wood decking boards. If your wood-plastic decking is scratched to the point that the surface is badly damaged, then you should replace the board.

 Another reason for replacing composite boards is if the top warps or breaks to the point that it is not good to look at. A warped decking can be repaired if the warp is not severe. But if it is severe, you must replace the warp composite boards with new ones. Sagging can destroy a decking if all the boards sag due to expansion. When this occurs, you have to replace your composite boards with new ones.


Can you fix composite wood decking? You can fix your plastic wood decking by repairing the boards or by replacing the boards. This depends on how badly damaged your wood-plastic decking is.

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