You can install composite decking directly on concrete, most especially if the concrete is old and needs replacement.

If the concrete around your house has become an eyesore, it is possible to improve your yard without tearing it out. 

Concrete is good for outdoor space, but like other home structures, it can crack or tear.

This can incite anxiety because you will have to expend money to renovate the concrete or to tear it out if you want.

A beautiful lawn is what homeowners want, and you can achieve that without tearing your concrete. 

How Composite Decking Will Improve Your Home Appearance

Composite decking will change your garden or anywhere you install your concrete from being an eyesore to an astonishing sight.

Can You Install Composite Decking on Concrete?

This is possible because composite decking has a brilliant finish that comes in various colors. The colors will bestow life to the space that the concrete once occupied

One interesting thing about composite decking is that you can mix decks of different colours if you want a specific design in your lawn. 

Composite decking is made of plastics and wood fiber. They are stronger and will last longer like concrete, so you don’t have to bother.

Also, you can maintain your composite decking easily by sweeping dirt off it. 

Composite decking makes it possible to beautify a place that has old concrete after you have installed the decks.

How Do You Put It On Concrete? 

Installing composite decking over concrete is easy and straightforward if you know how to. Follow these straightforward steps if you plan to install your composite decking yourself.

Step One – Prepare the Space

Preparing the place that you will install the composite deck is the first step to installing the decks by yourself.

You should level the surface of the concrete if it is uneven. Also, you must make sure that water, particularly rainwater, can run off easily. 

This will prevent the joist that you will place the decks on from absorbing water. Then, you can mark the spots that you will place the sleeper system.

Step Two – Install the Sleeper System

After marking the location that you will put your sleeper, you can then proceed to install it.

The sleeper system is the structure that you will place and install the composite decks on.

It is made of planks arranged at right angles to one another and serve as a layout that holds the decking to the ground. 

It is recommended that you install the sleeper system parallel to the house.

This is so that water coming from the side of the house will flow away without the sleeper getting in the way.

If the sleeper system is installed otherwise, it will stop rainwater from flowing when it rained. 

Also, you can put a spacer beneath the sleeper so that water will run under the sleeper freely.

Spacers prevent the sleeper system from rotting by not letting them come in contact with water.

Make sure that the screws that fix the sleeper system to the ground penetrate the concrete so that they will stay in place.

Step Three – Install the Wood-Plastic Decking

Before installing your composite decks, you should seal the top of your sleeper system with joists tapes to prevent it from soaking water.

When you are done with taping the surface of your joist, you can arrange the decks on the joist systematically. 

This is easy if you start installing the composite decks from the side of your house and taking it outward.

You can fix the composite decks to the joists by using screws or hidden fasteners. Before that, note that you must use capped composite decks when installing decks in an open space. 

Capped composite decks are coated with plastics which prevent mold from feeding on the organic materials in the decks. This will ensure that your deck will last long.

The screw installation method is simple and fast and involves driving down screws specially designed for composite decks down into the deck and then the joist. 

Hidden fasteners provide you with a clean finish because you will not see the fastener when you use that installation method.

The whole process of installing composite decks is simple and will not take much of your time if you’re skilled at doing things yourself.


It is possible to install composite decks on concrete if the concrete is old and damaged. So, instead of tearing the concrete in your yard out when it is old, you should consider replacing it with composite decking.