If you install your artificial grass and discover that the ground is uneven, you should level it right away. Artificial grass is best installed on a smooth surface if you want to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful lawn. Aside from that, an uneven surface will reshape your artificial turf and make it look less attractive. So, the best practice when installing a turf, if to level the surface, compact the soil and then lay the turf. This article addresses the question, can you lay artificial grass on uneven ground? It educates homeowners on the correct way of installing synthetic turf in their homes. 

Why You Should not Lay Artificial Grass on Uneven Ground

There are several reasons homeowners should not lay artificial grass carpets on uneven ground. One is that your turf will not have a smooth surface texture after installing it. This can affect the lifespan of your artificial grass because it can get damaged. Another reason you should not lay artificial grass on uneven ground is because there might be stone outcrops. Stone outcrops can damage your artificial grass with their sharp tips. So, if you don’t prepare the best of your artificial grass properly, you will end up getting a lawn that will not last long. 

How to Lay Artificial Grass Properly on the Ground

Before you lay your artificial grass, you have to prepare the soil. This ensures that you get a smooth base on which you can lay your grass. 

Clear the Area

You have to know where you want to install your artificial grass carpet to start preparing the ground. Most homeowners prefer to install their artificial grass in their backyard, while others prefer to install it in their front yard. If you want a smooth space where your children can play, you can use artificial turf as the floor. So, you should prepare the ground so you will lay the artificial grass properly. Clear any debris that is present in the area. Check for stone outcrops and ensure that you remove them. If there are grasses on the place, you can remove the grass and add a weed membrane to prevent future growth. If you discover that you have to fill some parts with sand to make it smooth, you should do that right away. Now that the ground you will lay your artificial grass is clear let’s move to the next step. 

Prepare the Base

After clearing the ground, you will lay your artificial grass; you must prepare the base. Instead of installing your synthetic turf on sand that can sink or get washed away by erosion, you should add something better. Most homeowners have used crushed stones or gravel as the base of their artificial grass. So, you should purchase crushed stone and fill the ground with it. To ensure that you have a smooth surface after you have poured the stone, you can compact the ground. Most homeowners will hire a mechanical roller for this task. A roller will ensure that the gravel or crushed stones sink into the soil and remain intact for a long time. 

Pour Sand on the Ground

Now that you have prepared the ground by adding crushed stones, you should move to the next step. This means that you have to pour sand to provide a soft base for your grass. Note that the ground you want to install your artificial grass is smooth at this stage. Adding gravel will cover an uneven surface you have in your backyard or wherever you want to install the grass. Most artificial grass has a thick backing that can be laid directly on gravel without adding sand. If your artificial grass has a thin backing, you should pour sand underneath to give you a smooth surface. So, pour sharp sand until the base of your grass is levelled.

Lay artificial grass on ground

Lay the Grass on the Ground

After pouring sand and compacting it, you should start unrolling your artificial grass. You will need to join the turf properly at the edges where two rolls of grasses meet. To achieve a beautiful design, it is better today the grass so that they will flow in the same direction. After, you can pour sand on the edges of your lawn.


Can you lay artificial grass on uneven ground? The best ground to lay artificial grass is a smooth one. This will make your lawn attractive and easy to walk on. Homeowners who want to install artificial grass should prepare the base and ensure it is levelled. 

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