You might ask yourself why folk would want to paint their composite decking since the decks are strong and made to last long.

Composite decking is not like wood decks that require constant painting or staining to make it last longer.

But there are some instances when you might have to paint a composite deck. 

Before you get there, you should know more about composite decking.

Composite decking boards are produced in factories with wood-fibre and recycled plastic mixed together.

When the product is ready, you get a material that is partly plastic and partly wood. The essence of making a composite decking is to replace the wood deck. 

You see, wood decking won’t last long, and even when you use it for long, it will crack or break. Also, wood decking has a laborious maintenance process.

You have to oil and paint the wood so that it will resist insect attack. It must be done regularly, or you will lose your wood decking. 

Composite decking, on the other hand, is stress-free. This is because you don’t have to give yourself a headache to maintain them.

They are stronger and more durable and will last long for you. But why will anyone want to paint a composite deck? 

When You Need to Paint Your Wood-Plastic Decking

Note that without painting a wood decking, the deck will get damaged. But a composite deck is different because the paint is not for it to last long but to enhance the look.

It might happen that the colour of the composite decking fades because of it being exposed to the Ultra Violet rays of the sun. 

This is after you have used the composite decking for years and feel like giving life to the deck’s look. When this happens, you might consider painting the composite decking.

Also, your plastic-wood decking might scratch badly because of the way it was handled, and might not look good. 

Then, if that is the case, you might have to paint your wood-plastic deck. Decaying matters like leaves and pollen can attract mould, which will grow on wood-plastic decking.

The mould can make the composite decking less attractive after you have removed it.

Type of Paint that You Can put on a Wood-Plastic Decking

What type of paint can you use to paint your composite deck? Note that the type of paint you can use to paint your composite decking should be high-quality deck paint.

You can utilize the familiar deck pigment to deliver your wood-fiber deck an adequate color.

There are assorted brands on the market that you will obtain for a price when you want to paint your composite deck.

But it is suggested that you utilize an adequate latex deck pigment that has a gloss finish when you want to paint.

Paint with high solid content in it will stick to the composite deck and last long.

This type of paint is the right one for the task of painting your composite deck. You should read the manufacturer’s guide on how to apply the paint before you start painting.

How to Paint a Plastic-Wood Decking

Before you paint your composite decking, you have to clean the deck thoroughly with water and leave it to dry.

You might have to scrub the decking with brush and soapy water if you want to remove a stain first before painting.

Or, you can use a pressure hose to spray water on your composite deck to clear the deck of muck.

If there is any repair to be done, you should do it before applying the pigment to the composite deck. When all is set, you should mix your paint in a bucket utilizing a stick.

Be sure to remove anything that is closed to the deck when you want to paint it. Also, be certain to use good latex paint for your composite decks.

painting your composite decking

Then, you should use a roller or brush to put the paint on the composite deck. The paint should be applied in the direction of the board to give it a good look.

When it is done, you can leave it to dry for some hours. After that, you can then proceed to put the furniture back.


Composite decks are materials that are durable and stay longer than wood decks. At times you might need to tone the surface of your deck so that it will look good after utilizing it for a long time.