The answer to that question is yes. You can paint your composite decking with any paint of matching colour.

But you have to make sure that the paint is high-quality latex paint. Why will anyone want to paint a composite decking anyway? The question is often asked by most composite decking manufacturers.

This is because composite decking is made to last long and the colour is made to last longer than wood decking colour. In other words, composite decking colour will not fade like wood decking. In fact, this is one of the features most manufacturers of composite decking boast of.

It might happen that your composite decking is not handled with care or is left exposed to what will damage the top of the decking. Or, it might even happen that leaves or other organic materials are left to rot on top of the composite decking.

This will create an uneven surface that will distort the appearance of the decking. Also, if a hot object comes in contact with the top of the decking. Or the surface is badly searched when something is dragged on it. Then it might be necessary to paint your wood-plastic decking.

 It might happen that you don’t like the colour of your composite decking. Or you just want the colour to match with that of everything around it. Then you can paint your decking with any high-quality latex paint that you want.

How To Paint Your Composite Decking

Clean the Top of Your Composite Decking

Cleaning the surface of your composite decking is the first thing to do if you want to paint it. But first, you need to remove everything that you put on your decking.

 Note that if you installed your decking in your garden, you will have to cover any flowers that are closed to the decking. So that you will not destroy the flowers.

Cleaning the surface of your decking should not be too difficult, but it depends on what you want to remove from the decking.

If you want to remove mould or mildew from the surface, then you might have to scrub the composite decking. Or, power-wash the surface gently.

 If it is grease or oil that you want to remove from the top, you have to use soapy water and brush. When you are done cleaning, you can move forward to the next phase.

Sand Your Composite Decking

Sanding your composite decking is important if you want to achieve a smooth decking surface. You will have to sand the decking in the direction of the grain. And make sure that you smooth out the planks. 

For this task to be accomplished, you will need sandpaper that is 240-grit. Then, use the sandpaper to rub the surface until it is smooth. After, use a broom to sweep the dust from the top and then wash the surface with water.

Prime Your Wood-Plastic Decking

Priming your composite decking is the next thing to do after you have sand the surface. To do that, you have to select an acrylic primer and spew the content into your tray. 

Then, you should start applying the primer from one length of the decking board to the other. It is recommended that you use a roller with a long handle. Or, you add a long stick to your roller to save you time and some back pain.

Paint Your Wood-Plastic Decking

The type of paint that you will need for this task is a high-quality latex paint that is designed for outdoor purpose. This kind of paint is made to resist foot traffic. 

Foot traffic, as used here, means the number of times the composite decking is stepped on. If you use a paint that is not designed for ground use, then it will peel off quickly.

So, when you are sure that the primer is dried, you can start applying the paint.

paint a plastic wood decking

It is advisable to apply the paint along the grain of your decking. When you are done with that, you can leave it to dry.

If you are not satisfied with the result, then, you can give your decking a second paint. When everything is set, then, you will have a composite decking that is painted in any colour you want.


It is possible to paint your composite decking if the surface is distorted or if you just feel like you want to change colour. All you need is to clean it, sand it, and then apply latex paint.

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