Composite decking is more durable and stronger than wood decking.

This means that when you install composite decking in your lawn, you won’t have to change them unless you feel like.

Wood decking, on the other hand, will absorb moisture, expand, and contract. 

This will make the decks crack or break and render them unfit for decking.

Composite decking are preferred to wood decks because they are easier to maintain.

In fact, composite decks makers advertise their decks as maintenance-free composite decking. 

This does not mean that composite decking won’t be cleaned at all. The maintenance referred to is the kind of maintenance that wood decks require.

Wood decks required continual oiling or staining, for them to survive long. If you don’t want to oil timber decks, you have to paint them. 

This process of maintaining wood decks takes a lot of cash and consumes your time.

Synthesized decks don’t need a sophisticated upkeep procedure, nor do they eat up cash and time when strengthening them.

That is why folks preferred installing them instead of installing wood decks. 

You can maintain your composite decks without hiring a maintenance service to do it for you.

All it requires is 2 or 3 hours of your time to tidy up your composite decking.

This is not too much if you yearn to clean up your composite decking once in a year.


Methods of Cleaning Your Composite Decking

Cleaning your composite decking is easy if you know how to do it.

There are many ways of cleaning composite decks, and they depend on the kind of cleaning that you want to do. 

Use Brush, Water, and Soap

One method of cleaning your composite decking is by using a brush, water, and soap.

Soft brushing with soapy water to remove a stain is also an effective way of maintaining your composite decks.

This is because it removes dirt and stain without leaving a trace. 

Sweeping the Surface

Sweeping the surface of your deck has proven to be the most effective method of keeping your composite decks clean.

This is because it takes dirt like leaves or pollen away from the decks.

Also, cleaning the surface of your decks will remove oil or grease from it if they come in contact with the decks. 

Use Power Washer

Another method of cleaning your composite decks is by using a power washer.

Power washing your decks with a power washer involves spraying water on the decks at high pressure.

This high-pressure spraying will remove any dirt that sticks to the decks. 

This method is effective for cleaning the space in between decks where your brush cannot reach, and for stubborn dirt.

Folks have been asking if they can use a pressure washer to clean their composite decks because they are afraid that a power washer will peel the top of the decks. 

You must be careful when using a power washer and must follow the guidelines set for using it.

The next heading will explain how you can power wash your composite decks without reducing its durability.

How to Power Wash Your Deck

Step One – Remove Structures

To power wash your decks, you must remove any item that you place on it first. This will make sure that they don’t stand in the way when you are washing the decks. 

Step Two – Sweep the Deck Surface

After removing objects, you have to sweep the surface of the decks to remove any dirt that is on it. Make sure to sweep and remove dirt that hides in the spaces between the composite decks. 

Step Three – Clean the Decking

You can spray soap on the decking and brush them if there is stubborn dirt on the surface.

Brushing should be done using a soft brush because hard brushing the decks will scratch it.

Step Four – Use Power Washer

After that, you can use the power wash to rinse the soap from the surface of the decks.

It is advisable that you use a wide nozzle when power washing your decks. 

Also, you have to power-wash board by board because it reduces the chance of destroying the surface of your composite deck.

how to power wash your decking

Note that you must follow your manufacturer guideline and must not place the pressure washer too close to the composite decks. 

You must observe a length of at least 30cm away from the deck’s surfaces and put the pressure of the power washer at under 3000psi.

In fact, deck makers like Trex warned that keeping the pressure above 3100psi can damage the decks and void the warranty.


Power washing your composite decking is a quicker means of removing dirt from the surfaces. You must follow your decks’ maker guidelines and never place the power washer too close to the decking.