This question is common among homeowners that want to replace their wood decking with composite decking. If you have an old wood decking structure in your home, you might want to add the new composite boards right on top of the old wood. But is that the right way to change a decking? No, when replacing your decking, you must follow best practice. This means that you must first remove the old timber decking before you put the new composite decking. This write-up explains how you can put composite decking on wood.

Why You Have to Change Your Wood Decking

There are several reasons homeowners are changing their wood decking for composite. If you have timber decking in your home, you will want to change it for composite decking. 

Wood Decking Is Less Durable

Timber decking is less durable, while composite decking is more durable. This makes installing or building composite worth every amount you spend. Wood decking needs chemicals. Else it will not last because of the elements of nature. Composite decking doesn’t need chemicals and will stand against the elements better than timber. Durability affects the lifespans of your decking. Since it is less durable, then it will not last long. You will use your timber decking for between 10 to 15 years. Wood-plastic decking is durable, which is why it will last for about 25 years. 

Wood Decking Is not a Composite

Timber is a natural material. Composite decking is an example of a composite. A composite is a synthetic material that is strong or durable. As a composite material, composite decking solves all the problems of timber decking. This means that your wood-plastic composite does not need chemicals to be durable. Aside from that, wood-plastic composite is designed to solve the moisture-absorbing problem of timber. 

Wood Decking Will does not Resist the Elements

The elements of weather is another thing that can easily destroy timber decking. Wood-plastic decking will not get damaged by the element of weather because it will not take in moisture. When a decking material takes in moisture, it will swell and rot. This makes the outdoor patio less durable. Composite decking has a surface that is coated with plastic. This plastic prevents water from getting into the decking boards. So, wood plastic will not swell and rot, which increases the lifespan of the decking. 

Changing Your Wood for Composite Decking

When changing your wood decking, you must ensure that you remove the old wood boards before adding the new decking boards. There are many reasons to remove the old wood boards. Removing the old wood boards will make it possible for you to inspect the joists. The joists are the supporting structure of your decking. You must ensure that the joists are intact before you add the new composite boards to it.

 This is crucial because your new composite decking can collapse if the supporting joists are weak. Another reason to tear off the old wood decking is that putting new decking boards on old ones will cause extra weight. When your decking is too heavy, the decking will collapse. So, the best way to change your wood decking is not by putting the new composite on the old wood boards. Instead, you should remove the old timber boards before you put the new wood plastic decking. 

How to Put Composite Decking on Wood

composite decking on wood

Before you put your composite decking, you must ensure that you get all the materials ready. You will have new composite boards, a crowbar, clips and fasteners, a drilling machine and a saw.

Step One – Remove the Old Wood

To achieve this task, you must use the crowbar to pull all the nails from the wood decking. Removing the nails will make it possible for you to lift the wood boards. After removing the nails and the boards, you should inspect the joists. If you spot rotten decking joists, you should replace them immediately before putting composite decking on them. Ensure that you utilise treated planks for your joists.

Step Two – Put the Composite Decking Boards

After you have removed the old wood, you should put the new composite decking in place of the old one. You will need clips for this task, and ensure to start from one end of your decking until you have finished installing your decking.


Can you put composite decking on wood? You must remove the old wood decking before you add the new composite boards. This way, you will ensure that your decking will not collapse.

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