Building decking in your home is a crucial project and a good thing. But building a decking with composite decking is better. If you are building your decking on the grass in your garden, the task is not too difficult. But if you are building your composite decking over the paving, the task is a lot easier. Most homeowners are wondering if they can build their outdoor decking over concrete or paving. Some homeowners have asked if they can put their composite decking over paving. The response is yes. Installing composite decking over concrete is a possible and great idea.

What Is Paving?

Paving is a concrete structure that is made of cement. Homeowners often put their paving in their outdoor space to floor it. Paving your garden or lawn will make it better and less likely to erode because of erosion. But one thing about paving is that it is not as beautiful or attractive as composite decking.

 Painting your paving will not make it attractive. Aside from that, paving will crack over time as a result of exposure to the sun. So, if you have paving in your back garden, you can put composite decking over it.  

Why Composite Decking Is Better than Paving

Composite decking is better than paving because the former is attractive while the latter is less attractive. This infers that if you build your decking with composite material, you will have a beautiful outdoor flooring surface. 

With composite decking, you can get different boards of colour. There are grey composite boards, black, brown, anthracite grey, and oak composite boards. All these colours are attractive and timeless. This suggests that composite boards colour will not fade quickly. The paving looks like concrete, and it is not attractive. 

If you care about attractive outdoor flooring, paving might not be your best choice. But if you already have paving in your home, you don’t have to tear it. What you can do is install or put composite decking over your paving.

How to Put Composite Decking Over Paving

Can You Put Composite Decking Over Paving?

Remember that we mentioned that if you already have paving that is old or less attractive, you don’t have to tear it out. Instead, you can build your composite decking directly on top of your concrete or paving. 

Step One – Mark the Spot

Before installing your composite decking over the paving, you have to mark the spot with a marker or chalk if you have one. This will enable you to know where you will put the sleeper system of your composite decking. 

Note that when building or installing your composite decking over the paving, you should account for water and moisture. Also, you should create a breathing system for your composite decking. To do this, you have to plan to use a sleeper system to raise the decking above the ground’s surface. 

Some homeowners also use a spacer to give space under their composite decking. You will need a measuring tape, marker, treated planks, and composite boards to build your composite decking.

Step Two – Lay the Sleeper

The spacer of your composite decking is what will lift it from the ground. It replaces posts that you will use if you are building your decking on grass. Unlike posts that are high and lift your decking from the ground, spacers keep your decking away from running water and the bottom free. 

You have to place the sleeper at the corners of your composite decking the way you will place posts. Also, you should ensure that you don’t space the sleepers more than a foot apart. This is to give more support for the top plank of your composite decking. Note that if there is too much distance between your decking, it will be unstable and springy. 

Step Three – Build the Joists

After laying the sleeper system, you should build the joists. The joists are the substructure that you will attach to your composite boards too. You should use treated wood or composite boards for your joist. Please ensure that you don’t space the joists more than 16 apart to get a solid decking.

Step Four – Arrange the Boards

After building the joists on your sleeper system, you should arrange the composite boards. Ensure that you space your composite boards 5 mm apart. After that, you should cover the edges with fascia.


You can put composite decking over paving if you have on in your garden. Ensure that you use a sleeper system to raise your decking above the ground.

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