Yes, you can put composite decking over a wood deck. But, the best way to install a new composite decking is by removing the old wood decking and then replace it with composite.

Wood decks are good but not as good as composite when you install them in your house.

The problem with wood decks is that they wear out over time because they are susceptible to weather conditions. 

When wood decks are exposed to weather elements, they absorb water and begin to rot.

This rot reduces the durability of the wood decking and creates an uneven surface. If you have wood decking in your house and you want to install composite decking, you can do that with ease. 

The benefits of composite decking are more than what wood have to offer. Composite decking is durable and made to last long, so you can use them for a long time.

Also, composite decking have a good look when you have finished installing them, and it will give your lawn a beautiful appearance.


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They don’t absorb water the way wood decks will, and their surface is not slippery. This means that with composite decks, you won’t slip when you walk on it.

Composite decking are just some pounds more than wood decks and will compensate for every pound that you spend on purchasing the decks. 

If your wood deck shows signs of rot or you want to use composite decks in place of wood decks, replacing them will be a good thing.

In this article, you will know if you can put your new composite decking on top of your existing wood deck. 

Replacing Your Wood Decking

It was mentioned in the first part that you can replace your wood decks with composite decks if they are old and are decaying.

You might want to put your new composite decks on top of the wood decks without removing them. 

This method of installing composite decking might be an easy way to solve your problem, but you have to consider the disadvantages of doing that.

One thing you should think of is that if you put composite decking on top of wood decks, you will lift the ground surface of your deck. 

This new elevation means that you have to adjust the level of your doors if the new deck joins with them. Also, the stair level will be raised by a few inches.

This will cause problems with moving things onto the new level created by putting composite decking on wood decking. 

Another thing to consider is the weight of composite decking. This is because composite decks are heavier than wood decks.

So, putting composite decking on wood decking will double the weight of the structure.

The substructure that holds the decking might not be able to handle the new weight and might collapse if the decking is raised above the ground.

One other thing is that when a wood deck decays because of prolonged use, it is likely that the joist below it might need replacement too.

So, putting composite decking on a wood decking might not be a good ideal.

How to Change Your Wood Decking

The right way to replace your wood decking with composite decking is by removing the surface decking.

Note that you must inspect the joist you want to place the composite for decay. If you identify a few decayed joists that need changing, you should change them right away. 

Also, you should check the foundation of the frame to see if it is still strong. You can reinforce the foundation of the deck if needed.

Another thing is that composite decking needs more frames than wood decking, so you should add more frames to the structure.

When the structure is set, you can carry on installing your composite decking on it. 

You must desist from using nails to install your composite deck. Instead, you should use 3 inches deck screws for the installation because they sink deep into your deck and the structure.

Then, set your composite decking board side by side and screw them down to the joist using a drilling machine.

You can use composite decking of any color when you want to install them in your house. The color mixing of the composite decking will give your lawn a good look.


The best way to install a new composite deck is by removing the wood decking that is on it and then replacing it with composite decking.